Tuesday , March 9 2021

Explanation of iPhone 11 design representations: with three horizontal glasses: iPhone Apple

According to Indian media reports, at least one of the three new iPhones that Apple will launch in September this year will use a three-lens horizontal design.In recent weeks, we have seen two conflicting design depictions of iPhone 11, all of the same source of well-known information.


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The first set of representations shows that the back of iPhone 11 is equipped with three cameras, arranged in square shape, and the positions of the three cameras are distributed and are asymmetric.

The second set of representations shows that iPhone 11 is also equipped with three cameras, but not in a square arrangement, but in a horizontal arrangement.

Today, a new report says that in both sets of representations, there will be a design that will really come into production.

According to the Indian blog CompareRaja, at least one model on iPhone 11 will have a camera horizontally arranged on the back, as shown below:

According to a person familiar with the subject, the prototype will be put into production this year. CompareRaja also said it is unclear which iPhone 11 model will adopt this design, but it is likely to be a corresponding update version of the iPhone XS.

But there have been reports before this year, only the iPhone 11 Max will be equipped with three rear cameras. Therefore, the relevant details are still a little blurry.

The CompareRaja report also said that iPhone 11 will be equipped with a 4000 mAh battery and a USB-C interface instead of Lightning. On the other hand, the phone will also use a 5.8-inch screen, the same specifications as the iPhone XS. However, due to the narrower edge, the blows are smaller and its proportion of the screen will increase.

As for color, this phone will have up to four color options: silver, gold, gray and blue space. The report also said that the last color (blue) is less likely to appear.

In addition, the new iPhone also supports IP68 water-proof and dust-proof features. According to reports, iPhone does not support the 5G standard, and it expects the first iPhone 5G to be launched by 2020.

The Wall Street Journal cited a number of people familiar with this issue earlier this month and said Apple will launch three new iPhones this fall, including the successor to iPhoen XR, which has a low performance in the market.

People also said that Apple also plans to introduce some new features of the camera, including the latest iPhone model, which will be equipped with three rear cameras, while the other two models will be equipped with two rear cameras.

The new series of iPhone 11 is expected to be released in September this year, so Apple still has enough time to complete the final design. This means that in the coming months, as I approach the distance to mass production, I think we will see more information about the new generation iPhone.

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