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Han Han is a substitute for "Flying Chi", and is rolling a car show –

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li

The launch of beaches, cliff races, the personal show of dancing poles … Han Han for his third film "Flying Life", can be described as a solution. The film was held in Beijing on the previous evening, and the production behind the scenes was released. Looking back at the hard shooting process, Han Han could not stop sighing: "A corner is a cliff and you will have to prepare a rescue helicopter to be in standby." On the opening, the singer Axin also appeared surprise and Han Han formed "Han Xin". The combination "sings" Half Life. "The film will be officially released on February 5.


The rescue helicopters are in standby mode on the edge of the cliff

"Flying Life" explains that Zhang Chi (Shen Teng), the outdoor racing driver who runs food places, decided to go back to the car and challenge young talented pilot Lin Yidong (Huang Jingyu) . However, it has no money, no automobile, no teammates, nor a driver's license. Re-examine, wait, it's a turn that is constantly hit by the face …

The overload brake scene is a great attraction of "Flying Life." Han Han hopes that there will be scenes such as the Rally World Championship in the film, for this reason, the crew crossed the national landscape with several months in advance and finally found a "Devil's Track "to Xinjiang to make the cliff. In car racing, Han Han is exceptionally rigorous: "You do not have to allow the public to choose professional problems." He also trusts in the final presentation: "This is the best, most complete and professional film in the current concentration of China."

The image is stimulating and the danger is very high. "It is dangerous to shoot these car shots difficult: everyone has no funds, because after leaving the car can not guarantee what will be." Han Han remembers the scene when shooting the car. "The conditions are very good at firing in Xinjiang." Hard, it takes 4 hours to roll the movie every day, and it takes 4 hours to return. We also made many security protection measures and we also rent a rescue helicopter. "It is worth mentioning that the car has achieved Han Han was also a substitute, and many of the dangerous car games of the film were the yours


Working with Shen Teng, knowing each other's mood

As for the release of the film, many fans have said that the role of "Zhang Chi" is simply adapted by Shen Teng. Han Han is also full of praise for Shen Teng: "In addition to the innate talent of comedy, it can also express an emotion of very deep character. While appearing in the camera, it can be fully shaped by this state." Although it is the first The second cooperation, but Han Han said that he and Hiteng had it: "When we filmed, we not only eliminated the sparks, but we had to" shoot. "The mood was understood of the other ".

Shen Teng could not stop vomiting Han Han is "playing well": "The director likes a lot of performance, his director's style is that he likes to show himself. His performance It's particularly strong, but its performance is a bit poor. I did not stop the show, but I could not stop it. When I had an opportunity, I went up and played. "Although he spoke and did not show mercy, Shen Teng said that "they have conquered" Han Han: "Han Han has a good temperament. I will solve the problem in his own way. I have never seen a director who is never angry as he, the words" happy production " Everyone is saying, but it is difficult to get, really did the Han Han director. It does not matter what the Car Man, writer or director is competent in all identities, a person with great wisdom. "

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