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Ice on the flower A Xiangyi glory behind the pain – Liaoning Channel


3-year-old star flower saddle on ice woman's father's wife father's industry 12 years old in the entire championship

Ice flower, An Xiangyi, glory behind the pain

On December 29, 2018, the ice base in Harbin was witness to the glory of the young An Xiangyi, 12 years old. In the women's non-slip program of the National Skating Championships in Harbin, the new set of Xiangyi's shares reached 66.92 points. At that moment, the ice rink was like a rain of soft toys. It was the blessing of An Yingyi, a small ice fan that saw the game.

Five years before the start of the championship, An Xiangyi was only 12 years old, but the surprising difficulty of the little girl and the glory of the previous champion of the National Grand Prix Flower Slip made her the most woman influential in China. , also has a large number of fans.

Orange-orange children from Beijing, especially bought stuffed toys before the game to take to the sand. In the game, it was released to Chen Hongyi and launched to An Xiangyi. When I saw An Xiangyi waiting for the results, I had my handgun's hand in my hand, and the children were excited.

After the short program competition, because there were too many gifts, the signature book was too much, fans were too enthusiastic, and An Xiangyi also ran to the audience and met with everyone. According to the journalist of Beiqing Daily, in addition to watching the game, followers still follow the support of Anxiangyi, following and watching the growth of the 12-year-old girl on the Internet.

From the site, An Xiangyi seems to leave behind the glory of the past. When reviewing performance, it is much calmer and more sophisticated than age. "The score is a little watery, I am very surprised," said An Xiangyi. "Due to my foot injury, the difficulty was reduced. After three weeks, it was reduced to three weeks later."

12 years and injured, this is an irrelevant keyword, in the view of An Xiangyi, this is a commonplace. "It was only a few days before the game. When I exploded for two weeks and a half, I changed my foot again. It was just like the second injury. Is it closed? No, I only took the painkiller."

A Xiangyi said that this is not the first time the ankle was injured. On the eve of the first Winter Games in Beijing in November this year, An Xiangyi was injured in the ankle ligament during training, but still insisted on winning the Games of # 39 ; Beijing's winter A month after the ligament injury, the ankle was still very painful when he made a leap.

"You can only make a week of jumping, and it's very painful to make a week of jumping. Like a three-week jump to the ice, your legs will go down immediately." A description of Xiangyi was also confirmed by his father An Longhe. "These two injuries, just in time to catch up with the game, do not rest completely and treat. The child can not eat now."

With an ankle that can not be eaten, An Xiangyi still fought against the short program. "This is my first time to slip new action, a rare opportunity," said An Xiangyi. "But the slider action completely slides." It is not coming down, they only jumped three and two weeks together. Take a look at my psychological preparations for the whole process. "Freestyle, An Xiangyi won the runner-up with 113.69 points and a total score of 180.61 points.

Ankle injury is a big problem in any 12-year-old boy, but An Xiangyi is obviously "a child of the family of another person." It is even more regrettable that he can not show the difficulty and beauty of a new set of new movements. "My new movement was created by a famous French master. It was choreographed by the Japanese star Sakamoto Hanori and the American sister. He made some improvements in rhythm and rotation, added the elements of the Modern dance and it was sad when it was out. Emotions. You can check my performance on this occasion, which is different from the previous one. "

There is also a new competition suit, said An Xiangyi, also "made in France." "The shirt is very beautiful, whether it's clothes or choreography, it's French, it's a complete set of French packaging. It feels too mature." What makes An Xiangyi sad is not able to jump freely without jumping. High scores: "I can only try to get the points I can get."

In the anti-skid competition, An Xiangyi played a perfect performance, but the difficulty of reducing his score could not compete with Liang Shu in Hong Kong, the second place with 180.61 points. An Longhe said it's not as sad to say that her daughter's fighting spirit is astonished. "I did not think it could be so strong and slide the two sets of actions."

From the first time at age 3, An Xiangyi was destined to eat this bowl of rice. His father, An Longhe, was once a skater player of famous figures in China, in 1997, An Longhe transformed the skating coach flowers, he was the coach of the National Flower Slip Team of Thailand and made the students participate in the four continents, the Asian Games of Winter, the World Junior Championships, the Grand Prix, etc. Competition

With the establishment of the Century Star Skating Club, coach Ann returned to China to serve as the club's top coach. On Christmas Eve 2006, Xiangyi was born. Under the leadership of the father of the coach and the mother who flourishes, An Xiangyi went to the ice rink at the age of 3.

An Longhe said that 90% of his students are based on interests and do not consider becoming a professional development. Under academic and physical limitations, up to three or four classes per week. Mr Ann has taken the students to train and compete in Thailand and the United States. In exposing his teaching philosophy, coach Ann said that would help them achieve reasonable goals and allowed them to feel the professionalism and beauty of the project.

But Xiangyi apparently "forced" himself even more. My dad worked at the Century Star Ice Arena. Other parents who accompanied the children to the class had already seen go to Xiangyi by jumping from morning to night on the ice rink, jumping from two weeks to three weeks, vacating each other, getting or falling one after another time Accompanied by ice or body skates, the impact of ice.

According to parents, it is their mother who is training more with An Xiangyi, and their requirements are higher. The scene also felt that the mother told An Xiangyi: "Do you still want to be world champion?" Xiangyi shouted and said "think" as he returned to practice. "This competition is also a temperament for her," said An Longhe.

In the previous interview, the girl always said she did not have any talent. Maybe it's this "tag" that allows An Xiangyi to use more training and effort in exchange for the achievements and the glory of the present. Now, a Xiangyi has not completely dominated the three weeks after the ice and has managed to complete several jumps of difficulty, including three weeks of hooks and two weeks and three weeks of Axel, in order to promote their skills and slippery performances Li, An Xiangyi also reported his classes in rhythmic and ballet gymnastics. A Xiangyi also won the free, circle and triathlon championship in the pre-junior group of the Zhongling Glass of the art.

To receive non-slip, art and dance training, An Xiangyi has abandoned his normal class studies in the classroom and has recruited tutors from home to keep up to date. Although the outside world generally praises Anxiangyi for his achievements, he is also worried if the potential of the child has been published in advance.

An Longhe said it is essential that children see ankles after the game. Previously, the film was filmed in the General Hospital of the Military Region, showing damage to the ankle ligament and spleen. Previously, there was acupuncture and physiotherapy. After this competition, I'll go to the doctor again.

For the future of a Xiangyi flower slip, Anlonghe said he hopes that the outside world will not stay too high. Prior to that, An Xiangyi had confirmed that he could not participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing because he could not reach the 16-year threshold. Although An Xiangyi was still 19 years old at the Winter Olympics in 2026, he has seen too many players, weight gain after development, muscle insufficiency and lower levels. "Nini is now 1 meter 4 and does not have much weight. Many difficult moves are good. But no one can say anything after the development. So we are also trying to keep a low profile and train it slowly."

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