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Implement the hard task of "three rural", take the road of rural revitalization. | Han Changfu | Village | Sannong _ Sina News


Original title: Implementation of the hard task of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers"

The Central Rural Work Conference, which has just concluded, proposed firmly establishing the political orientation of the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, effectively stabilizing the basic disc of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers "and to emphasize the implementation of the difficult tasks of the work of" agriculture, rural areas and agriculturists ". How to stabilize this basic disc in the new year? What will break agricultural and rural work? Han Changfu, director of the Agricultural Central Agency and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, accepted an interview with the economic newspaper.

Han Changfu believes that we must follow the general guidelines for the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, achieve the global objective of agricultural and rural modernization, implement the strategy of rural revitalization as a focus Overall, strengthen poverty relief, improve agricultural development quality, stabilize food production and guarantee the supply of important agricultural products. We will continue to increase farmers' incomes, improve rural human settlements, expand rural reforms, strengthen rural civilization, improve rural governance systems, and secure new advances in rural revitalization.

The agricultural and rural sectors will focus on the key points of next year, focusing on the main "three rural" problems in an urgent matter: poverty alleviation can not be delayed, win resolutely the fight against poverty of precision, the production of food can not diminish, Environmental correction should be promoted fully to a point-to-point in order to ensure substantial progress, in addition, the problem of " Large coverage "should be thoroughly cleaned and should not prevent the prevention and control of African swine fever. On this basis, we will do a good job in agricultural development, rural construction and rural reform.

Promote the development of high quality agriculture

Han Changfu said that the Central Economy Economic Conference presented the eight-character policy of "consolidation, improvement, promotion and fluidity". In the agricultural sector, it is necessary to study in depth the structural reform of the agricultural offer. On the one hand, optimizing the structure of the plantation, consolidating the results of the adjustment of the structure of the corn, adequately reducing the rice of low quality and low efficiency , implement the plan to reactivate soybeans, focus on the expansion of the soybean area in the northeast and Huanghuaihai areas, support rapeseed production in the Yangtze River basin and adjust rationally the feed. "Structure, we vigorously develop high quality forage production. On the other hand, we promote livestock to improve quality and efficiency, optimize the design of the pig industry and the ability to sacrifice, continue standardized livestock and breeding demonstrations, increase the killing scale, promote the revitalization of the dairy industry and strengthen the construction of milk bases.

Han Changfu introduced that in the last two years, they have vigorously carried out the "Five Actions" for the green development of agriculture and have achieved remarkable results. In 2019, the county manure management project will be vigorously implemented to achieve full coverage of large livestock counties. The correspondence rate for large-scale sludge treatment facilities will reach 100%, while small and medium-sized farms will be promoted simultaneously. The reduction of pesticides and fertilizers must be promoted, and the organic fertilizer process for fruit and vegetable tea instead of chemical fertilizers in 175 counties should be promoted, recycling of chemical fertilizer and pesticide packaging waste and consolidating the # 39; "negative growth" effect of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has implemented actions to support the technology of rural revitalization to accelerate research and the creation of key equipment for research in basic technology. "In 2019, more than 10 innovation alliances will be promoted to operate and innovation centers of 1 to 2 centers will be created. The implementation of the synergy promotional plans of the most important agricultural technology is It will be carried out to create a series of industries supporting science and technology, strengthening the resources of crop germplasm and livestock genetics. The protection of resources, the construction of a series of seed farms, joint research into four major food crops and 11 varieties of special crops and the implementation of revitalization actions of the animal and poultry industry, "said Han Changfu.

Open a new situation in rural revitalization

Han Changfu said that the current urban-rural gap is large and the most intuitive is the great difference between public services and public services, which is the most difficult for most of the peasants. It is necessary to use rural areas as a key to complement the construction of infrastructures and to promote the implementation of construction projects in the city's infrastructure. The relevant departments will consolidate and improve the rural security of drinking water, promote the construction of "four good" rural roads, improve the network of rural logistics infrastructures of the county, accelerate the transformation of rural electrical networks and Broadband to the village and promote the extension of urban infrastructure in rural areas. Improve the level of social security and pension services and improve rural social security standards based on institutional integration. Increase investment in basic public services in cities and towns.

"The revitalization of the field requires modeling and building souls." Han Changfu said that 2019 will introduce guidance documents to promote the construction of civilized civilizations and activities will be undertaken to create civilized peoples and peoples, and the role of the people's norms and regulations should be fully exercised The binding measures strongly promote the change of customs, effectively curb stereotypes and establish a new style of rural civilization. At the same time, continue to run the Chinese Farm Harvest Festival.

Han Changfu said the agricultural and rural departments will actively organize the base construction with the organization departments, and the two committees of the strong peoples will be selected to send prominent cadres to the first secretary of the poor, weak villages and rural villages . We will continue to rectify the organization of the party of weak and scattered towns, rectifying peoples as a unit and a people and a policy, and building the rural party branch in a strong core of leadership and battle strength. We will promote the development of a stable policy of guarantee of funds of people-based operations based on the fiscal investment and will strengthen the function of the service of the organization of the people.

Effectively promote the vitality of rural development

"40 years of reform and opening are fulfilled this year. 40 years ago, reforms began in rural areas, 40 years later, they began to reform. We must take reform of the land system as a driver and drive a new round of rural reforms ".

You must complete the verification of the rural collective asset for production and production according to the calendar. According to central government requirements, verification and verification of rural collective assets should basically be completed by the end of 2019. This is the most basic work for the reform of the rights system of rural collective ownership. It is necessary to increase the protection of the work and material resources, apply strictly the policies, make sure that they are completed in time and that the farmers recognize without leaving the hidden dangers. Next year, we will select about 10 provinces and 30 cities, and the reform system will promote pilot reform. We need to do a good job of registering and registering new collective economic organizations.

We must carefully promote the reform of rural housing sites. The reform of the rural property system implies the immediate interests of the peasants and must be maintained in the bottom line. You need to focus on the "separation of the three powers" from the property, expand the pilot reform, enrich the content of the pilots and explore effective ways of properly launching the home and the right to use the farmer's house. In combination with the development of rural tourism, returning to the field to innovate and start a business, etc., explores the ways to revitalize the use of rural houses and rural houses and increase the income of farmers' owners. Next year, we will quickly formulate policy documents to strengthen the management of rural housing sites and guide local governments to carry out management tasks. At the same time, conduct surveys of rural properties and farmhouses, and discover the basic situation of the national treasury. It undertakes to complete the registration and certification of the right to use home and housing in the year 2020.

We need to cultivate various types of new business entities focused on family farms and farmers' cooperatives. Reinforces the guidance service for family farms, the family farms improvement program begins and the creation of demonstrations begins. Promote the standardization of cooperatives, deepen the construction of the model institutions, and focus on the clean-up of "empty shell cooperatives". Promote the coordinated development of new agricultural business entities and small farmers. Small farmers have been the foundations of agricultural production in China for a long period of time, and should not be neglected in their work. The development of the productive service industries must be accelerated and the small farmers closer to the industrial and industrial chain of the modern agricultural chain. At the same time, leading companies and cooperatives and farmers will be guided to establish a profit-sharing mechanism based on contracts based on own resources to promote land management rights to participate in the # 39 ; agricultural industrialization, so that farmers can share their value added revenues.

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