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In which the meeting is the year, the reverse fashion gets hot – China News

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 1: Asks: In what the meeting is the year, the reverse fashion is put into fashion

Journalist Xinhua News Agency Zhang Chao, Wu Tao, Wei Shengyu

As the Spring Festival approaches, the Beijing Capital International Airport is lighting up at night. Liu Jie, 28, and her husband expect their parents to arrive safely. This year they received their parents from the hometown of Zunyi, Guizhou, in the New Year of Beijing.

"The new year is a day of meeting: parents come to see the grandchildren and go to the temple fairs. It is not economic to buy tickets." Liu Jie said the Zunyi ticket discount in Beijing was only about 600 yuan. At 3 in the morning of January 31, parents arrived safely. This is his second time in Beijing to celebrate the New Year. "The number of passengers that have been to Beijing for the Spring Festival this year is much more than last year," Liu said.

From Jinan Airport to Shandong to the Jinan Airport for more than 1 hour, from Jinan Airport to Guangdong Jieyang Chaoshan Airport, Flying for more than two hours, from the Chaoshan airport to the house of the child and then an hour's duration … This is 68 years old Xiao Qin and the route of the Spring Festival of her husband in the last years. "In the last three years, almost every day before and after New Year's Day, I have begun booking tickets for the Spring Festival trips and ready to go to the South and my son for the Spring Festival "said Xiao Qin.

Lin Zhong was at the exit of the arrival hall of the high-speed rail and hoped that his parents and children would come from his hometown of Chongqing. Lin Zhong, who has worked in the Guangzhou Panyu district for more than 10 years, usually does not return home. He did not even buy a ticket to go home due to the tight ticket. He did not go home during the Spring Festival.

"We have been working from outside for a long time, and it is strange to go home, although sometimes we want to see our parents again, we still have to return very little. I always feel very embarrassed," said Lin Zhong .

As an important exporter of migrant workers, Chongqing has more than one million people who are going to work every year. According to the Guangzhou Railway Group, the annual Spring Festival trip, the Guangdong ticket to Chengyu before the Spring Festival is one of the most intense routes.

With the development of the high-speed rail, there is a high-speed railroad between Guangzhou and Chongqing. Lin Zhong said that he had not dared to let his parents come to Guangzhou for the Spring Festival. He had dozens of hard hours and was worried that his parents could not eat. Now, from Chongqing to Guangzhou, it will be more than 7 hours, which is convenient. "And it is good that parents come to Guangzhou and the surrounding area. It is not good to return to the hometown of the Spring Festival. The family gathering, where is the New Year."

In the last two years, some older people have begun to choose "northern" or "southern" to meet with their children.

On February 1, the Guangzhou South railway station sent almost 500,000 passengers per day. Some people went to the station from all directions in Guangdong. Some people climbed across the country and then flowed from the station to all directions.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the most obvious places for the "Tide of the Spring Festival" at the Spring Festival. In the past, it was generally "to the north, empty and to the south". However, in recent years, the situation has changed significantly. Guangzhou South Railway spokesman Liu Hui said that since the Spring Festival, Canton South Station has sent 308,000 passengers per day, up 25% more than in the same period last year , the average arrival of passengers was 188,000, with a year-on-year increase of 30%.

The person in charge of the Guangzhou passenger transport department said that after more than 30 years of development, with the development of the economy and the improvement of the standards of life of the people, the connotation of the trips of the Festival of Spring changes calmly.

To ensure the safety of the inverse trips of the Spring Festival, all sectors of society pay attention and support.

In the 2019 Spring Festival, to better serve the citizens and the parents and children of the Spring Festival, Beijing used the government to buy cultural services and "Internet + culture" to issue 300,000 tickets for the Spring Festival temple fairs and cultural events. The ticket sales activities for the Spring Temple Fair were increased from 12 church fairs and cultural events last year to 12, including the Ditan Temple Fair, the Longtan Temple Fair, Ice and Snow Culture Festival and the Age of Chinese Culture.

Xiao Qin's son worked in an electric power plant in Shantou for more than 10 years. In the first years, the boy returned to Shandong for the new year. Ever since his grandson was born in 2010, the old couple started south. "Every year, we are eager to meet, no matter where, the meeting place is at home," said Xiao Qin.

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