Monday , October 18 2021

Inner Mongolia, a man with his own machine theft of points of sale, no cash can scroll the code of the card scan – 奇 B 趣闻 – cnBeta.COM


Today, with the popularity of smart phones and the rapid development of the Internet, WeChat, Alipay and POS machines make payment methods increasingly convenient. Many people do not provide cash when they go out and criminals also learn to "look for the situation." 27,The journalist learned from the 5th Interpol Squadron, the Saihan Public Security Office of the city of Hohhot, that the suspect who was robbed of security service machines, Xia Moumou, was detained in site by the police.


The photo shows the suspects who carry the articles involved. Photo court

Xia Moumou, 30, was jailed for robbery and worked in a barbecue store after her conviction. On January 10 the BBQ shop was closed, and Xia Mou, who was unemployed, risked paying the backlog of the credit card and returned to her previous business.

You understand that the object of the theft of Xia Mou is a woman who drives soles. When the victim leaves the job and is ready to start the vehicle, Xia Moumou takes the opportunity to get the theft. The ridiculous thing is that Xia Mou really carries a POS portable machine with it. If the victim can pass the card without cash, you can also use WeChat.

From 10 January to 25 January, Xia Moumou carried out three robberies. On the 25th, when Xia Moumou was preparing for a new robbery, the police who was waiting for the pit was detained on the spot. The police found a POS machine for theft and hit it.

"I acted long distances every day, just to get rid of my prey and I was arrested." At the time of the test, said Xia Moumou.

At the moment, the police have been detained by the Xia Mou law.

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