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Jackie Chan sang "The Detective Pu Songling" episode – Pu Songling, detective, very strong, it will be, then – Dali Daily

2019-02-01 00:03:49 Source: Dali Daily

The familiar movie "Lunar New Year's Detective Pu Songling" will be released on New Year's Day. The movie is starring Jackie Chan, starring Jing Tian and Zhong Chuyu, and is the first choice for the New Year Lunar of Year's Eve. Recently, the "Weird Cute" episode sung by Jackie Chan has been released in its entirety, and the cheerful and cheerful style brings the breath of the new spring, which is waiting for.

The episode "Detective Pu Songling", "Weird Cute", stars in Jackie Chan and the song "Meng Yao". The melody has a strong rhythm: thick drums are combined with the sound of dragons and bright sounds. Like the inspiring horn, it conveys the vitality and happiness of the New Year. Value The composer is Zhao Zhao, the musical director of the film "Miles of Pu Songling", and the producer of the song "Weird Cute". This time, he knew deeply the temperament of the movie "Detective Pu Songling" and invited Liang Mang to work together. The style of the song is comic and there is no shortage of rivers and lakes, the classics and the modern ones are in harmony with each other, which are very similar to Pu Songling's character in the film.

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