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Join hands with the Chinese Volleyball Super League, a good future to help athletes learn English | Good future | Volleyball League_Sina News


The original title: Joining the Chinese Volleyball Super League, the future helps athletes learn English

Representatives of both parties signed a contract. Photo courtesi, Beijing, November 5 (Reporter Ma Haiian) The reporter has learned from Good Future Group on July 5 that a good future has signed a contract with the Chinese Volleyball Super League and became the official institution for educational cooperation in 2018-2019. Athletes participating in the Chinese Super League are adapted to the various courses in English.

In recent years, with the rapid development of sports in China, the theme of sports, health and sports literacy has gained increasing attention. Implementing the sporting participation of the whole nation and comprehensively improving the overall quality of people is not only an important proposal for a sporting cause, it gradually becomes one of the topics dealing with the education of industry. At the end of 2017, the General State Administration for Sport and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the "Leading Opinions on Strengthening the Training of Reserve Competencies for Competitive Sports" to promote the quality of high-quality sports resources and quality educational resources that need to be supplemented and shared resources.

The two parties exchange gifts. Photo courtesi

In this context, the future will achieve cooperation with the Chinese Volleyball Super League, and the future will be adapted to professional volleyball athletes. The content includes exclusive live lessons and is the same for fragmented learning. Video Courses, Exclusive Customized Courses, and VIP Services for the Super League Volleyball will help English literacy to learn English and the ability to help them achieve a more comprehensive and coordinated development.

In this collaboration, the two sides will work together to combine their research into education, continue with technological innovations with the advantages of the Chinese Volleyball Super League in the field of sports and help their "soft power" by meeting the changing needs of athlete students. Improvement. The two sides will jointly promote coordinated development of quality education and sports, promote the health and spirit of sports and contribute to the development of various talents for the future. (The end)

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