Tuesday , May 18 2021

Li Nan runs the Chinese men's basketball team at preliminary times. Choosing the team two in one opens the door – China Sports

Li Nan led the Chinese men's basketball team in previous years

Team two in one

The Chinese men's basketball team will be in Shanghai on November 29 at the Baoshan Sports Center and the Syrian team in World Cup qualifiers. This will be the first appearance of the men's basketball team, red and blue teams. Head coach Li Nan said at yesterday's conference that the new national teams will be not only red and blue teams: "Who only said the Red Team and the Blue Team? Now this Chinese men's basketball team is far from strong enough at the moment of closing the door it should be said that all players are in the research! "

At the beginning of 2017, after Iao Ming became president of the Chinese Association in China, he launched a system of "double representation". Two former national players Li Nan and Du Feng have established two national and red training teams, and at the same time trained and participated in the competition under the same warranty terms. The goal is to use two and a half years to train more young players for the national team in preparation for the 2019 World Cup in the 201st cat and the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. In the end, after qualifying and cups of the Asian Cup, Asian and World Cups and other competitions, Li Nan, who led the Red Team this year to win the men's basketball championship in Asian games, finally defeated Du Feng and became the new coach of Chinese basketball basketball . Combined in the national team.

Li Nan said he is still exploring some new players in the CBA: "In this qualifying competition, we have to face new players, new coaching teams and new competitions, and the main purpose is to check the players and find more players that can be used "Two in One" does not mean that we have more places to choose, on the contrary, injuries and people are not the same. That's our biggest problem today. "Indeed, the CBA started the season for less than a month and many players have already fallen. Given the injuries, there are many national teams such as Ii Jianlian and Guo Ailun, which makes Li Nana the main head.

Li Nan said that in addition to already well-known members of the Red and Blue team, he is also concerned about some of the outstanding journalists in the CBA. "It should be said that young players have attracted me attention, such as Huang Rongki from the Sichuan team and Chen Linjian from the Fujian team.Wait, as long as they have outstanding performance, they have the opportunity to enter the national team." Our reporter Li Iuanchun

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