Sunday , October 2 2022

Li Ronghao lost the iPad and said he hopes he will not be exposed to the short film – information without worries


Li Ronghao took the high-speed train to Beijing on the afternoon of day 12, but when he got off the bus, the tablet was accidentally lost and, after noticing it, he immediately called the train driver and asked the other party not to see it. Ask for help, ask if you can help control and control, the text is frankly anxious for this, it also hopes that the people that are collected do not put the information inside the network.

After Li Ronghao asked for help from the Beijing Railway Office, the block's publication was abolished approximately one hour. Then he said: "I did not find it, but I contacted myself. I deleted Weibo. I do not want to annoy people. Thank you."

Li Ronghao

Before the curiosity of the outside world, what important things are there to make Li Ronghao so anxious? In response to this, he sent a positive response in the long term and announced the content. In fact, starting a year, while preparing for the new tour concert, he began to think about shooting and "learning for young people" and he moved to everyone. The story: "I started writing scripts, looking for producers, looking for actors, and then raining for more than half a year, the actors were replaced temporarily, the script was reasonable and I learned to edit, then lines, dubbing, soundtrack , melody The color, the subtitles, etc. began to suffer insomnia and finally I finished ".

However, Li Ronghao revealed that the information is in a very early stage, and there is no dubbing or coloring. It looks really hard. In the article, he also explained why he should say this: "The friend who hopes to get it first, do not send it, I am very grateful, but if this friend is on the Internet, I hope that no one else Use it. Strictly enough to look at this short film, this is the case, do not mention it, good night. "

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