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Looking back at the development of Hammer Technology for six years, the road has never been flat: Smartisan Hammer Technology


The winter of Beijing is particularly cold this winter, and it seems to be even cooler for the technology of hammer Luo Yonghao. Although Hammer Technology has often been exposed to the crisis before, this time it is probably the most serious.Looking back at the development of the hammer over the years, it has never been flat.

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彪悍 life

When I speak of hammer technology, I have to say that Luo Yonghao, a man from Yanbian, Jilin, left the school the second year of high school. After the abandonment of Luo Yonghao's high school, he did business like selling second-hand books and reselling private cars. Later, due to economic pressure, I decided to go to an English training institution as a teacher and learn English strongly. Based on his own letter of introduction to Yu Minhong, he began his teaching career in New Oriental in 2001. With a humoristic style and a very idealistic temperament, it is very popular among students. "Old Luo Quotations" is also popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River, Lao Luo became the first generation of "red network." After leaving in 2006 and leaving New Oriental, he founded Niubo, in 2008 he started an English school, in 2009 he opened a lecture on "My Struggle", which published the "My Struggle" Inspirational autobiography, the same year, at the Haidian Theater in Beijing. He delivered a speech on the entrepreneurial history of his training school, "A history of idealistic entrepreneurship", which caused widespread repercussions. In 2011, at the headquarters of Siemens in Beijing, the refrigerator was defended. At the beginning of 2012, he questioned Fang Zhouzi's "Family Fund" and began to fight … Even before making his cell phone, Lao Luo's life was enough. Of course, the most unexpected is that this person who has not had a good relationship with the mobile phone industry has started a mobile phone. Although many friends around him advised him not to do so, he decidedly joined the industry.

First hand

Looking back on the development path of Hammer Technology for six years, the basics have never been flat. At the end of 2011, Luo Yonghao was invited to meet with Jun Law at the Xiaomi headquarters. Luo Yonghao only hoped to cooperate with Xiaomi, but found that some of his ideas and Lei Jun had differences, and Meng Meng made his own idea of ​​making a mobile phone. In May 2012, Hammer Technology was formally established, and at that time, due to its own flow attribute of Luo Yonghao, he received a lot of attention. At the beginning of 2012, the rounded financing of the angel was obtained by the 10 million founders of Tang Mo, the valuation of the company. 50 million. In 2013, he earned 70 million rounds of financing. At that time, the hammer product was just Smartisan OS, which is not yet mature, based on a deep customization system for Android.

In 2014, Hammer received funding of 180 million for the first time, and in May of the same year launched its first smart phone Smartisan T1. Once the press conference attracted a lot of attention, industrial design was also very striking, but the problems of high price, low performance and insufficient capacity made its market performance not good and the heat disappeared progressively Part of the reason for the lack of production is that the hammer is still a small manufacturer, the foundry is still dominated by large manufacturers, so that the production capacity of T1 is difficult to maintain and the performance shortage Part of the reason is that the requirements of Lao Luo's product technology are too high, and it is difficult for the foundry to meet its requirements. Although he has also suffered a large price cut, his overall market performance remains unattainable, and makes Hammer's next round of financing even more urgent.

Another important thing that happened in 2104 was the broken war between Luo Yonghao and Wang Ziru. After all, Luo Yonghao was a newbie. So before the official launch of the product, he paid a registration fee for ZEALER at that time. Interact on the web, in the "honeymoon period". Before the launch of the T1 hammer, Wang Ziru did not elaborate the problem of this mobile phone. On August 1, Wang Ziru released the video for the assessment of the T1 hammer. In this assessment, Wang Ziru enumerated the mobile phone with hammer screws. The removable back cover has many disadvantages: "It is not considered the best mobile phone in the eastern hemisphere." The cable breaks easily through static electricity. The sensor bending method affects reliability. After the video's release, some Internet users commented that Zealer "received money to do things" and "measured for black." On the 2nd official Zealer page, the "appearance score" of the "Appearance Structure" of the T1 hammer evaluation tool was evaluated as a star for 3,926 times consecutive, which led to a decrease in the range of T1 and the escalation of the event. On the 12th, the two men "on" Youku, and on the 27th they starred in the game of tears. Lao Luo, with its excellent eloquence, said that Wang Ziru had no words, but none of them were the winner in this war. Lao Luo lost his feelings. Wang Ziru lost his objective and just, iPhone alone is the winner and he did it for free. Advertising hours However, with retrospect, in fact, both are also winners. Mobile hammer phone is also known to more people due to this incident, and Wang Ziru is not mixed later.

Got water

In the year 2015, there were investments in companies, subscription rights and business investments. The hammer collapsed and completed the financing of the C of 100 million yuan and obtained the financing round D at the end of the year. 100 million yuan is just a drop in the spoon for mobile phone companies, but at least let the hammer continue to survive. This year, the hammer obtained a total of two products: first, it published a product of one thousand yuan in August, with 100,000 units sold at a good price / performance ratio. The average price is 2,600 yuan. Although there is still a gap with the major manufacturers of millions and ten millions of units, it is still a good result for the launch hammer. Luo Yonghao also said that T2 will be at the end of the conference. Published at the end of the year. On October, the hammer brought a version of the mobile phone of the female Wenqing, and continued to consolidate the market for the thousand yuan machines.

Although the constant "jump", the T2 hammer continues to arrive in December, it still continues with the high level of industrial design, but the lack of hardware configuration makes it look like inactive, its competitiveness is well behind the " # Opponent. . Additionally, the merger of Zhongtianxin hammer technology sank before the launch, which can be said to have been worse, although the spokesman of the hammer technology said that the production and sale plan of the new T2 did not will be affected, and the T2 produced by Zhongtianxin has already been sent, hammers can no longer find other foundries. Hammer Technology also continues to lose money, and the situation is not optimistic.

To the limit of bankruptcy

In 2016, the hammer almost failed. The sales volume of the products was not good and the new financing was not achieved, the hammer fell into a crisis. In the first half of 2016, Hammer Technology lost 192 million yuan and the ratio of active-liability was as high as 99%. During this period, Luo Yonghao and his hammer company almost fell to the extreme, even Many people think it is difficult to bounce. Luo Yonghao had to rely on his own "work" to keep the company, "sell the body" Mo Mo, in the APP to open a column, but also demanded 96 million loans, and Even almost promised equity, and finally the hammer also saved an exit. Of course, in addition to finding money, Luo Yonghao also found someone, and finally found Wu Dezhou as the hammer technology product line, vice president of hardware research and development, responsible for the Hammer product line and all the research and development of hardware.

On October this year, the hammer introduced the hammer M1 / ​​M1L. Although it came later, the M1 series is maintained with the main configuration, the design is not difficult and the price is very reasonable. For the Smartisan OS pride, this product has also achieved good sales at the end, a large part of which is attributed to Wu Dezhou, the hammer also successfully overcome the year and went back on track. Although this product was later called a hammer to "compromise" the market, but saved the hammer, it is a good product. However, Hammer Technology is still in a state of great loss, and the situation remains thermal.

Come back to life

Last year, it was the year of returning to life in 2017. On May 9 this year, the Nut Pro was officially launched. The excellent industrial design, profitable and smart Smartisan OS turned this product into a "dark horse", and part of it was also attributed to the strategy with JD. Cooperation, this female Pro has become a frequent visitor to JD's sales list. I understand that the final sales of this product are also one million units, the results are very good. Due to the excellent performance of the female, the hammer also achieved the million funding led by the Chengdu government this year, giving it the chance to breathe.

On November 7 of the same year, the hammer released the female Pro2, which also maintained the "full screen" design trend, despite maintaining a good price / performance ratio and also received a good response from the market. At the same time, it also provides a breathing air purifier, which is distributed in other fields.

Cold winter

In 2018, the hammer brought the machine of three sows of yuan 3, the flagship machine R1 and the female of half product Pro2S. It has created a relatively complete product matrix, but what a lot of people can not think is that the hammer has not chosen to stabilize. At the heaviest hammer press conference, in addition to the female female R1, TNT's female station that Luo Yonghao called a new revolutionary product, TNT became the most controversial product of The history of the hammer and the hammer again became paradoxical. In the storm, due to the low amount of reserves, there was an abortion. Although TNT appears in our opinion here in other situations, this product also took a lot of time, effort and money from the hammer. He did not succeed and the hammer still was relatively large. Although the hammer achieved major financing last year, there is still too much risk of going to a product that has not been tested in the market. I think the TNT workstation has its innovative products, although it's not as good as said the old Luo, it's also remarkable. Its main problem is that it does not meet the conditions and needs of the market at the moment and the second is the hammer. The mass to challenge the whole PC industry is that it touches the stone.

Next, we see the three products of this hammer's mobile phone this year. The 3-dollar US thread is designed to cater to the full-screen market, but the Snapdragon 625 processor is too conservative. The flagship manufacturer R1, I think it's an insignificant product, but it does not have a very bright place. When competing with other traditional manufacturers, enemies are difficult. In addition, many manufacturers of this year present frequent "black technologies" and the female R1 is difficult to sell. Get progress The Pro2S female as a mid-range product is very good with regard to hardware, appearance, camera, system, etc., but the competition in the intermediate market this year is also extremely fierce , the price war is shocking, the female Pro2S does not count on anything economical. In addition, the cooperation between Hammer and JD seems to have a problem in 2018. After adjusting the structure of Jingdong, Yan Xiaobing succeeded Hu Shengli by the electronic entertainment business group . This person is especially important to obtain benefits and the hammer's mobile phone launched new products in 2018. The sales volume in Jingdong is not satisfactory, and Jingdong is gradually alienating the hammer. According to the data given by the great data of Rising Sun, the shipments of hammers of this year's mobile phones are less than one million, which can be said to be very pessimistic.

In November, despite the profound crisis of the capital crisis, Hammer held a "press conference for mobile phones" in Chengdu, and launched an intelligent humid humidifier, a humidifier of smart desktop And refreshing, David and Shirei. Smart Speaker D1, Horizon 8 Business Suitcase and Nut R1 Peacock Blue Special Edition and other new products. However, it's a pity that some products will not be delivered until next year due to capacity problems, some of them would have been shipped this year, and It is very difficult to expect to complete the greatest investment of the hammer. In addition, although Lao Luo said before making a mobile phone just to make a friend, but the mobile phone still has not enough friends to start enough to attack other markets is also a dangerous thing for the hammer.

This year, bullet information invested by Hammer also shot during the second half of the year with new interactions and features, received attention and the intention of investing many of them companies, and quickly obtained the financing of 100 million yuan. He also lost the sound gradually. I have used this application for a while, the function is very perfect and even has many functions that WeChat does not have, the user experience is very good. But the problem is that even if you're using many bullets, others are using WeChat. No friend can let us use and we can not move away from the social WeChat circle and its quick payment, so that so many people use it. . Although the "bullet" is still flying now, I do not know where I can fly.

On October 15 this year, some people on the Internet broke the news that "Hammer Technology Chengdu Branch is facing dissolution" and is in layoffs. According to the "Financial" report, another soul of Hammer Technology – COO Wu Dezhou also plans to leave. Although Hammer Technology issued an official statement on October 16, denying previous rumors, stating that it was a "consolidation" behavior of the three technicians, but many Internet users of the mobile phone industry said that # 39 ; internal adjustment of the hammer and the business situation fell once again. Technology also admitted, in November, that the company is in crisis, but expects that everyone can give some time, at the same time, the suppliers of pieces have also made it reach the court, and that after the delivery of the goods, half of the payment has not been donated. The amount reached 4 to 5 million yuan. In December, Hammer Technology was exposed to the news that it could not pay the salary from November on time, and then there were news that many vendors came to collect debts, subsidiaries and legal entities changed, and the capital of Luo Yonghao it was frozen , Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 4.5 million deposits were frozen … The technology of hammers can be said to be a wave of riots, this winter is particularly difficult for them. Hammer's product technician, Zhu Haizhou, also responded to Weibo. The research of netizen about the current state of the hammer technology, based on his response, the hammer can face a crisis, but it can not be solved. To the point

You've solved the defeat?

The unfavorable situation in the initial stage of Hammer Technology can be said to be caused by the excessive idealism of Mr. Luo. Users who consider building products to be serious will pay for it, but the lack of sales strategy and supply chain can not keep the hammer in a dangerous situation. Wu Dezhou became responsible for the product and the supply chain, and Hammer Technology also began in an upward period. In 2018, the industry entered the cold winter period. Hammer Technology has not had much trouble with the good sales and reputation of the two products last year and good financing. The success of the hammer is again in crisis. However, I do not think that you have solved the hammer. Although the mobile phone is not optimistic, some non-mobile products launched at the end of the year are somewhat competitive. As long as they support it, they will find an investment and the mobile phone will be stable and stable. Hope for rejuvenation. It can be said that I do not want the hammer to fall. After all, it's a Chinese company. It also shows its strong industrial design capabilities, which provide a good operating system and inject a force in the mobile phone industry.

Here, I also speak of a billion funding. Many people may think that this is a lot of money. It is true that most ordinary people may not be able to obtain such wealth for a lifetime, and that's a lot for the hammer at this time. The money, although it is not realistic to rely completely on the problem, but at least have enough cash flow to operate and ensure the existing product offer. But for the mobile phone industry, 1,000 million are really only a small amount, we count this year, this year there are 3 products in the hammer, which cover all prices, we calculate the hardware cost of 1,000 yuan per unit and 1,000 millions of hammers The cost of 10,000 units, and the ratio of 1 million units in the entire industry is less than 1%, and the company's operation, product sales, the Research and technological development have to spend money, in fact, a billion.

This year can be said to be the winter of the mobile phone industry, the market is becoming increasingly obvious for the leading brand. The competition is fierce. In the event that global demand has not changed or decreased, large manufacturers have more capital to carry out marketing and design product lines. To take advantage of the market, this also makes tracking manufacturers more difficult, and is the best policy to force themselves to develop self-protection. For the hammer, mobile phone shipments this year are not good, there is no support from major manufacturers, nor a new financing, all losses can only be supported by the same hammer. In the long haul of this industry, for manufacturers in the back, it is not bad to keep up with the leading team, but to consider their own physical strength, to fight hard to get to the day, but to make his physical force fall farther. Even out of the game, it is more sensible to look for opportunities and advances after a tough winter.

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