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Looking back the reform of state-owned companies 2018 "central status" behind deep reforms meaning 新民 时政 _ 新民 网



Said Xiao Xin

The "mixed reform" continued to exert strength, the investment of state capital, the expansion of the operative company … In the next 2018, the reform of the state-owned state-owned company implies areas Deepwater. Hard bones, new crops. Recently, the Xinhua News Agency published the article "Revision of the reforms in the central position of the reform of the state-owned company 2018". Xiaoxin shares the following for you:

The "mixed reform" continued to exert strength, the investment of state capital, the expansion of the operative company … In the next 2018, the reform of the state-owned state-owned company implies areas Deepwater. Hard bones, new crops.

"Understanding from a strategic perspective, deepening the central position of the reform of state-owned companies in the new era" "Comprehendo plenamente la extrema importancia de potenciar la vitalidad de las entidades del micromercato" … En the symposium on the reform of state companies held on October 9, a series of clear attitudes with six "high profile" to mark the future reform priorities, highlighting the determination and the echo of expectations. The Central Economic Economy Conference recently proposed "accelerating the reform of state assets and state-owned enterprises", which indicates that the new round of state assets and business reforms will be prepared for development.


Integrate and reorganize for a long time

It is essential to strengthen and optimize the capital of state property and adjust the state economy.

With the global restructuring of the CNNC Construction Group, the National Nuclear Corporation of China, the Telecommunications Research Institute and the Wuhan Academy of Wuhan, the number of companies under the supervision of the Commission of Investigation, # 39; Administration and Supervision of State Assets has adjusted to 96 this year.

Looking at the entire country, the provincial level SASAC promotes the restructuring and integration of 36 companies in the first level company, involving energy, transportation, medicine, real estate and other fields.

The professional restructuring of the breakdown of the business frontier is also accelerating: the SASAC company continues to promote the integration of resources in the field of coal, steel and environmental protection, and is studying the plan for to the establishment of the company's platform for the elimination of assets of the central business in the foreign country.

In addition to the mergers and acquisitions, a series of measures were accelerated around the structural reforms of the offer.

By the end of November, central companies had reduced the number of legal entities in more than 12,000, reducing labor costs and management costs to 44,100 million yuan, and accumulated 1,589 "things to be in danger."

Focusing on lowering the leverage and reducing debt, the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission signed a targeted task book with all the central companies to support to companies to improve their levels of assets and liabilities through the financing of participations and market-based debt-to-capital swaps. At the end of November, the average business-liability ratio of the central companies was 66%, with a decrease of 0.4 percentage points year-on-year.

With regard to the development of high quality of the core company, the body is healthier and the steps are more solid.


They complete "One hundred Hundred Actions"

The pilot is a reform task and an important method of reform.

In August of 2018, the reform of the "Doubles Cent Actions" of the state-owned companies, which attempted to implement the reform "at the end of the year", began and opened the last mile of the reform of the state-owned company.

To carry out the "Doubles Cent Actions", it is not necessary to participate in a series of individual pilots, but we must support the experience of the previous state business reforms, promote basic innovation, promote differentiated comprehensive reforms and Individualized and resolved the reform in the "deep water zone." "You have encountered new problems.

In this operation, more than 400 central companies and local state-owned enterprises were selected. The desire for these corporate reforms is very urgent.

Until now, the State State Reform Office of state-owned companies has organized on-site exchange meetings for science, industry and "Double Hundred Enterprises" aimed at export to Zhejiang, Shandong and Jiangsu. Many companies have released clearer ideas through advanced benchmarking and an exchange of experiences.

The industry believes that with the continuous deepening of the "Doubles Cent Actions", a group of "reformed leading soldiers" will be created with a prominent role and will continue to promote the strong potential of the reform of state-owned companies.


"Mixed Change" to change the new mechanism

Open the investment in construction of UHV in the share capital! State Grid Corporation recently announced that, based on the preliminary exploration of mixed property reforms, such as incremental power distribution, commercial institutions and storage power plants, the "mixed reform" It will be expanded and will be updated.

As a major breakthrough in the reform of state-owned companies, the "mixed reform" this year has continued to advance in depth:

At the level of the central companies, the areas of location and promotion have become more active. Local businesses have become more active. More importantly, "mixed and reformed" companies have devoted more attention to the formation of new operational mechanisms and have promoted state capital and society. Capital really has a "chemical reaction".

For example, through the introduction of strategic investors, the formation of various management tips, the rationalization of the institutional staff, the restructuring of business units, the innovative product services and the implementation capital incentives … China Unicom has eliminated the inherent inconveniences with a series of "combination punctures" and has achieved a "V" in business performance. Reverse

More and more people realize that "mixing" is the medium and "changing" is the purpose. Based on the fact that most state-owned companies have achieved a mix of levels of capital, to further improve the effect of the mutual promotion of various property capitals, more efforts are needed to rebuild government mechanisms Corporate and business models to adapt to the new economic development situation.


Pilot extension of two types of companies

The Central Economic Economics Conference recently highlighted the acceleration of the transformation of a company managed to a managed capital, the reorganization of a group of companies of state capital investment and the formation of a number of state-owned capital companies.

It is connected to the monitoring system and is connected to business management. The pilot of both types of companies requires both supervisory and supervisory institutions, the investment supervision relationship of the investment and operating companies, the way of supervision and the effective way of testing the companies' # 39; state capital investment operation, which covers many reform fields.

Based on the 10 drivers previously determined by the central companies, the two types of companies welcomed the new members by the end of 2018: the Administration and Asset Management Commission of the # 39; State determined that 11 central companies, such as the Aviation Industry Group, the National Power Investment Corporation and SINOMACH, were pilot companies of state capital investment companies.

In the whole country, all locations have also actively explored. Currently, 122 state-owned companies have carried out pilot projects related to two types of companies.

Increase the authority to free the power and rationalize constantly the "interface relationship" between the state regulatory authorities and the two types of companies; Pilot companies have once again formed the functions of the headquarters, making the management of the group more efficient and more adaptable to the requirements of the specialized platforms; Business sustainability is the pillar, promoting the implementation of strategic mergers and acquisitions and specialization, while operating companies are mainly based on financial participation, promoting the rational flow of state assets, maintaining value and increasing value …

Test system, test mechanism and test mode. As the most qualified central companies include the driver of the two types of companies, the next step is to update quickly and play a more important role in the general reform of state-owned assets and companies. .

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