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Net transfer "Anhui Hefei, Suzhou, Lushan lowering real estate prices talked about" official denial _ Oriental wealth networks



Recently, the network has expanded "Anhui, Hefei, Suzhou, Shushan County, reduction in real estate prices after the government conversation, housing prices have risen again" news today (November transmission) "Net transfer" Hefei, Hefei, Suzhou, In the 20th place, staff relevant regional government agencies responded to a Beijing Nevs journalist. "I have not heard of the above mentioned" price reduction "news at the moment." (Nev Beijing Nevs)

Recently, the network has successively learned that the government "has been discussing real estate prices in Hefei, Anhui and Sushan Counti in Anhui Province.House pricefrom the

A news of withdrawal, today (November 20th), the staff of relevant regional government agencies replied to a journalist in Beijing Nevs: "I have not heard of the above mentioned" price bargaining news "at the moment." "

Recently, some media reported that "Hefei recently set up a high price of 6,000 yuan per square meter home to sell the house, causing market attention. Recently, Hefei Citi Housing AuthoritiResearchfrom the

Real estate development requires real estate developers to consciously comply with relevant regulations and conditions for the development and sale of commercial flats and regulate sales activities. Currently, the price of the property is adjusted. "

In response to this matter, today (November 20th) morning, a Beijing Nevs journalist and Hefei Citi Bureau for the management of residential buildings, a large number of staff said he did not hear that the Bureau opened a meeting that does not allow developers to cut prices. Another member of the Housing Housing Management at Hefei Bureau of Housing Management told the journalist: "There are similar rumors on the internet, but I have not heard that the relevant forums are open to the bureau. The real estate market of Hefei has a tendency to be stable, and apartments from first hand The average price is about 15,000 yuan / square meter. "

According to another source: "After the reduction in real estate prices in Daishan County, the local self-government organized a symposium on attempts to" reduce prices ", suspended the pre-sale license for relevant real estate and sentenced four cooperative banks.

In response, this morning the reporter contacted relevant departments of the People's Government of Daishan County in the city of Suzhou. Staff members said they had not heard of the incident. In the morning of the same day, the corresponding District Propaganda Department spokeswoman Daishan told the reporter: "Many media sent a message after the relevant content and did not hear the relevant parties. The government departments, including the propaganda service, did not hear about it, I was interviewed for this price cut. In addition, housing companies including Countri Garden have not heard of this. "

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