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Oscar: I've already received two calls from the Premier League. Hong Kong does not want to leave.


Oscar: I've already received two calls from the Premier League. Shanghai does not want to leave.

According to "Yahoo Sports" report from abroad in Novi Sad, it was announced that Oscar in Shanghai, after winning the Super League championship, accepted an interview with reporters from abroad, in an interview, Oscar revealed that he had received two calls from the Premier League Premier, Ready to fulfill the contract with Shanghai.

After helping Shanghai to win the Super League championship, Oscar accepted the interview. Asked about the feeling of winning in the Super League, Oscar said: "I am very happy to help the team win the first Chinese Super League, that's all Chinese players in the team. This dream, at least 7 of them are from the team base, and we also want to we end Evergreen's domination. "

Asked whether he had played the absolute core of the team in the championship, Oscar said: "Yes, when I played in Chelsea and Brazil, I was surrounded by big players, and here we are a new team. Strange assistance can only have three people playing."

For his performance of 12 goals and 18 assists in the season, Oskar said: "This is very cool, and I created the Super League's auxiliary record, I feel very well here, I'm very pleased with what I've experienced here."

Asked whether they had received an offer from Arsenal and Liverpool, Oscar said: "I do not want to name, but there are two Premier League giants who sent me an invitation. But Hong Kong does not want to leave, they signed me. , I still have two years of contract, I think I will stick to the end, and then try to get back to Europe. I have an Italian passport, so it's very nice to go back and play. "

Asked about life in China, Oscar said: "I'm very good here, and Shanghai is the most modern city in China, comparable to other big cities in the world, such as New York. My children and my wife are also very suitable. a few Brazilian friends. "Go back to Soho and see more


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