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Qatar 3-1 wins the first Japanese champion of the Asian Cup 2 in a record of 9 goals: it has no concern

Tencent Sports February 1: The UAE Asian Cup launched the final final competition, the Japanese team against Qatar. In the first half, Almoiz-Ali and Aziz-Hartham scored 2-0 in Qatar. In the 69th minute, Nanno Takuo retrieved a goal for the Japanese team, followed by Affi. Using the penalty opportunity to seal the victory for Qatar, the 3-1 final defeated Japan by First time to win the Asian Cup.

The Qatar team celebrates the target

Focus of the game

Qatar was made three times in the history of the team to win the championship: the first four are the Qatar record in the history of the Asian Cup, but the youth army of Qatari even semi-finals and the final of two levels, three consecutive times to update the team's history to become the new Wang Asian Cup.

2. In 1996, Shen Feng Ali broke the record to win gold boots: in 1996, the famous Ali-Daiyi of Iran scored 8 goals in one session to win the Golden Boots, create the history of the Asian Cup and the final of Almoiz-Ali. After scoring 1 goal, with 9 boots with golden boots, the Ali Dei record was broken.

3, Japan will win the championship in the final: the Japanese team won the Asian Cup final four times to win the championship four times, but with the loss to Qatar, the myth of the Japanese team for winning the championship will be destroyed.

Marvelous reproduction

In the 4th minute, the Japanese team got a free kick on the frontcourt. After the fast free kick, Da Yongyong also took the ball in front of the arch of the restricted zone and tried a long shot but he did not manage to fight.

In the 6th minute, Tang Anlu grabbed the ball to the right and forced Hoxie to inflict the foul behind, and the Japanese team missed the frontcourt, but when Fu Anjian and defenders of Qatar competed on the top. The lack, the crime of the Japanese team reached an abrupt end.

In the 12th minute Akram Afef's play was sent to the penalty court, Almoiz-Ali chose the ball immediately and the Japanese defender could not advance on time. Almo The Iz-Ali knife shot directly at the furthest corner, when Japanese goalkeeper Quan Tianxiu flew to save the whip, Qatar led, 1-0, that is No. 9 of the Cup Almoiz-Ali's Asian, breaking Ali-Day keeps a record of 8 balls.

Ali surprised the hook

In minute 13, Akram-Afef returned to connect with Almoiz-Ali, but the last touch of Almoiz-Ali was blocked by Yoshida Ma, and the Japanese team almost lost one another goal

In the 20th minute, Akram-Afef broke the ball in the middle of the field, and Sakizaki was unable to play tactically and received a yellow card for referee Ilmatov.

In the minute 27, Akram Afef gave Aziz Hatem the ball to the forefront of the penalty area, Aziz Hatem threw the ball and shot a long shot. Japanese goalkeeper Quan Tian Xiuyi can not save, with Aziz-Hartem's world break, Qatar will expand the score to 2-0.

The Qatar team returns to present the global wave

In the 31st minute, the Japanese team got a free kick at the cutting edge of the penalty area, and Tang's law was worth it, but it was blocked by the Qatar wall.

In minute 35, Qatar continued cooperating in the restricted zone of the Japanese team. Akram-Afef scored the ball and the small angle of Pedro Correa was blocked by the defense of the Japanese team. Before Hassan-Hedos, Hassan Haydo's shot hit the outside of the column and the score was almost 3-0.

Qatar almost extended the score

In minute 40, the right defense of Sakai Hiroshi was passed, and Qatar's defender blocked the bottom line. The Japanese team got a corner kick, and Sakizaki launched the corner throw at the entrance door. The law tried to fire the door again and was blocked.

Despite the 2 goals behind, the Japanese team could not organize a very effective counterattack, which ended the first part of the contest with a score of 0-2.

In minute 49, the Japanese team made a lack of corner in the pass of the low line, but the launch was sent to the front of the goal. Yoshida Ma also scored the ball and the ball was under the pressure of the defender of Qatar.

Yoshida Ma also takes the ball high

In minute 56, Qatar counterattacked and the ball was transferred to the left of Akram-Afef, but Akram-Afef fell under the penalty area and could not form a shot in the first time , but he controlled. The ball was directly connected to Aziz Hatem, but Aziz Hathm shot a shot in front of the goal, actually placing antiaircraft weapons, lost the opportunity to expand the lead.

In the 59th minute, at the corner of the Japanese team corner, Bulham-Hochshi and Yoshida Ma also collided between them when they reached the top, and after the impact, Bulham -Hochsi could not take the ground and was carried out by the stretcher. Al Hajri is replaced.

Hawke was replaced by an injury

In minute 63, Tang Anlu passed the ball to the right, and Wu Tengjia and Nan Ye were two real points, but Nanye had a point before the real one, and Wu Teng Jia Ji headed the ball in front of the goal.

In the 66th minute, the left-back of Changyou Youdu was passed and Qatar's defender stretched his leg to block the bottom line. Sakizaki sent the corner kick to the front. Muto Kaji picked up the ball and scored, but he did not manage to fight.

The corner of the Japanese team begins more

In minute 69, Yangusi was at the forefront of the restricted zone, and when he was forced to return, he beat the ball towards Nanye Tuo Shi. Captain Nanye Tuo, leader of the goalkeeper Qatar, helped the Japanese to retreat. 1 ball, 1-2, the suspense of the game begins again. This is the first defeat of the current Qatar Asian Cup.

Nanye Tuoshi shot

In minute 73, Changyou Youdu left the pass and sent him to the back. The head of Wu Tian Jia Ji was attacked and Qatar's defensive player blocked the bottom line.

In minute 77, Tang Anlu broke the ball from the right and passed the ball: the Qatar defensive player blocked the bottom line, and Kawasaki shot forward, but could not form a threat, but The Japanese team continued to organize the attack. In addition, the heel heel was sent to the court, and Tang's vault was blocked again.

In minute 79, Qatar counterattacked, Akram Afef played 4 on the frontcourt, controlled the ball and transferred the ball to Aziz Hatem. Aziz Hartham faced the Japanese team in front of the restricted area. The defender, the long-range shot of the open space was blocked from the end, Qatar took the corner, Karim Hassan grabbed the first point and attacked the top of the arm of Yoshida Ma.

Yoshida Ma also handball

Referee Ilmatov did not make a penalty for the first time, but through the reminder of VAR, Ilmatov came out to see the play repeatedly and showed a yellow card to Yoshida Ma, Qatar also received a penalty. Opportunity Akram-Afef was very painful and disappointed when Tianxiu made an easy shot. Qatar 3-1, Afef was also warned by the yellow card to undress.

Afef scored a penalty

In the case of 2 goals, the Japanese team could not resist, and finally lost 1-3, sending Qatar to win the Asian Cup for the first time.

Match alignment

Appearance line of the Japanese team

Goalkeeper: 12 – When Tian Xiuyi;

Defender: 5 – Changyou Youdu, 16-Fu An Jian Yang, 22-Yoshida Ma (81 yellow card), 19-Sakai Hiroshi (86 "yellow card);

Midfielder: 18-Yanguji (minute 84 of 14-Idong Chunya), 7-Chaiqiyue (20th yellow card), 8-original vitality (62 minutes 13-Buto Kaji), 21-Donan Law;

Attacker: 9-Namino Toshi (88th-10th Guishi), 15-Dong Yongyong

List of Qatar

Goalkeeper: 1-Saad;

Defenders: 3-Karim-Hassan, 2-Pedero-Correa, 15-Basam-Westam, 4-Tariq-Salman;

Midfielder: 16-Bwalem-Hochshi (14th-Arh-Hayri), 11-Akram-Afef (83 "yellow card), 6-Aziz-Hatem, 23- Asim-Madibo;

Forward: 10 – Hassan – Haydos (74 minutes – Karim – Budiaf), 19 – Al Moyiz – Ali (90 minutes 7 – Elound)

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