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Qatar gives us inspiration or shame: the Asian Cup, Aspen, Bayer, Al, Qatar – Qianjiang Evening News

2019-02-02 05:36:42 Source: Qianjiang Evening News

The Qatar team that won the Asian Cup trophy in the UAE, did you think of the French team that won the World Cup in Russia? Alamoz Ali, 23, who created a single Asian Cup record, did you think of the talented young Mbabe?

This is the new king of Asian football, the Qatar team, weird and familiar. The Japanese team, generally optimistic before the match, has four trophies from the Asian Cup. For a long time, they have spoken about Asian football. But this spokesman was beaten for two goals in Qatar in the first half, watching the seed that Qatar planted in the desert, blooming and fruitful.

The football landlord of Qatar seems simple: "Are not a group of naturalized players?" But after the team of the Philippines, who has more naturalized players, leaves outside, the cells "mutated genetically" from Qatar should be placed under the microscope to look at them, to self.

In fact, Qatar's football, which seems to have grown incredibly in a short period of time, has also had many deviations. In 2003, they were obsessed with the "superstar plan": the Football Association has raised $ 10 million for each club, and each club in the league has a famous European and American star. But the light of the stars, the performance of the national team has not grown.

In 2006, the Qatar Football Association decided to abandon the superstar plan and take the youth training path. Just as talking about French football can not be separated from Clay Fontaine, speaking of Qatar's soccer, we should mention Aspen. The elite football college established in 2004 has trained enough soccer talent for Qatar. Many Qatar players in this Asian Cup are also from Aspen.

For Qatar, that is not bad, it is not difficult to establish a youthful paradise. 7 outdoor football fields, rehabilitation centers, medical laboratories, indoor classrooms, swimming pools, science labs, gyms, physiotherapy rooms … It is possible to say that Aspen is stacked for money, but for the World Cup in 2022 For Qatar, the weakest host in history, money was too much.

Qatar welcomed tickets, not only created a school out of the air, but also attracted talent from around the world. Among these people, the famous Spanish star Harvey arrived in Qatar as a soccer consultant, and also from southwest Almoz Ali, from the poor boy to the "Asian version of Mbape."

Almoz Ali is a naturalized player. In recent days, the Beijing Guoan team officially announced that two naturalized players have also opened the path to the naturalization of Chinese soccer. However, the naturalization of Qatar is more rational and more reasonable.

This is Qatar's "African Dream Soccer" program: Qatar football children in the seven countries of Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa, and the selection of dozens of prominent players. Domestication in Qatar. Since then, the number of cooperative African countries has increased again.

Growing up in Aspen, he has received the advanced concept of European football since his childhood, in this sense, Qatar, with a population of only 2.64 million, has enough football reserve talents. Players in this Asian Cup can be called the first batch of results, and only the first batch can be used for Qatar for eight years. After all, his average age is only 24 years.

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