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Steam Weekly Sales Chart: “Rust” Wins Second in Valve Index second_TOM News

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

A few days ago, Valve announced last week ( January 11-January 17, 2021) Sales rankings of the Steam platform, an online first-person survival trial game developed by Facepunch Studios “Rust”Two consecutive championships, “Valve Index VR Kit”Followed by, “Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk 2077)”Third place. “Three Kingdoms Heroes 8”, “CS: GO” Operation Spike, “Phasmophobia”Rated between four and six.

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

In the weekly sales ranking of the Steam platform, we are more concerned “V VR VR Kit”Yield. According to statistics, in a period of 19 weeks, “V VR VR Kit”Both have entered Steam’s Top Weekly Sales Ranking and, over the past two months, have consistently ranked TOP3.

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

Steam Hardware and Software Survey Report for December 2020It shows that it is the most recent proportion of VR users in the total Steam platform users 1.63%( -0.33%). In terms of several important fields, although the share of Oculus decreased slightly, it still occupies half of the country ( 51.19% , – 2.15%); HTC barely held second, but under attack from new and old competitors, its share is about to drop by 20% ( 20.84% ​​, – 1.05%Index ; Valve Index ( 16.13% + 0.39%) reached the Quest advance and returned to the top three.

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

According to our statistics The proportion of VR users on Steam in 2020(At the top), 1.63% has set a new low since April, but compared to December 2019 (1.09%), there will still be a substantial increase.According to published statistics by Valve a few days ago, 2020 will see global monthly active users of the Steam platform 120.4 millionAccording to this estimate, the number of monthly active RV users on the Steam platform in December 2020 is approximately 2,046,800.

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

At the same time, national virtual reality companies such as iQiyi Intelligence, NOLO VR and Quli Technology have announced a new generation of VR headsets and have begun efforts to build a consumer-oriented content ecosystem. There are also rumors that the two domestic giants from their respective camps are about to join the battle. While the news needs additional confirmation, it is obviously not unfounded. It’s just a matter of patiently waiting for the test of time.

Steam Weekly Sales Chart:

As for who can finally get the biggest piece of cake in the VR consumer market, it’s obviously too early to come to a conclusion, but what’s certain is that 2021 is destined to be a crucial year for to the emergence of high-level VR hardware and the gradual increase in content ecology. .

From January 11 to January 17, 2021, the sales list of the Steam TOP10 platform is as follows:

1, oxide

2. V Company VR Suite

3. Cyberpunk 2077

4. Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8

5. CS: Operation GO Crazy Teeth

6. Fear of ghosts

7. Survival in a pond

8. Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 2

9 、 GTA5

10. The sea of ​​thieves


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