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The Guandong team is more stable, all due to Du Feng's ability to capture team features, a team history record and a double harvest in the first fight – Daiming Sports Council –


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The original title: Guangdong team is more stable all over Du Feng to inject 1 team property, record team history and double harvest

Guandong team is more stable all over Du Feng to capture team features, record team history and double harvest

The Confederation between Guangdong and Kingdao is full of complex feelings. In the end, the two teams ended up a "5 for 2" big deal, which started a CBA transfer – Kingdao team exchanged Su Vei and Ki Chengiu for Guangdong team. Zhou Zhandong, Yang Jinmeng, Shao Yinglun and Liu Chuanking and Gao Shang have also changed from renting to a permanent transfer. This 5-for-2 transaction got a lot of attention during the summer.Although it is still a little early to determine the success or failure of a big deal between the two sides, but from the Guangdong team 21 points victory over Kingdao and the creation of the longest winning team series: 12 consecutive victories, you can initially determine the current "eight Crown King has a great state , they are on the right track and will continue to use the whole basketball and sharp-haired basketball to continue to conquer the next opponent.

As the last analysis by the author after the match, the current Guangdong team may not completely eradicate the slow start of the game, but usually use part time (second and third quarter) as long as the team enters the game. ), you can lay the foundations for victory. The same goes for this match, I believe that the second quarter has once again become an important breakthrough for the match, and Ii Jianlian made a one-handed shot, and Guangdong's outdoor shots opened the score after 7-0 in the second half of Guangdong. It has been changed to an all-China class, but offensive firepower is still not decreasing, and the remaining three minutes in the second quarter, the difference between the two sides is once open to 13 points. At the end of the second quarter, Guangdong led 59-43 in Kingdao, and the advantage of 16 points was enough to set the tone for the game.

However, the Kingdao team is not a vegetarian, plus, after a small team in Guangdong sowing little this season, it will inevitably be studied by opponents. If the opponents surrender after half time, such a non-competitive team is not possible. The CBA is alive. It was enough, in the third quarter, party support from Kingdao Gibson made a cavity and scored 13 points in 120 seconds. The technical surprise was four, and the leading advantage of Guangdong suddenly disappeared. If a Guangdong team in the past will definitely hand over all the balls to the United Arab League, it will rely too much on this core to turn the tide. Others are tortured and have to make wedding dresses for him …But today, the Guangdong team led by Du Feng has a unique and valuable character after continuous polishing. Yes, that's the trait that made the Guangdong team show a quiet side, when the other side has an unexpected epidemic and can react quickly to it by adjusting.

After a brief adaptation of coach Du Feng, Veems became the main point in the Guangdong team. Shortly after Gibson struck three triples in a row, Wems used three consecutive victories to win, and points that would be immediately executed. Released open. In this game, with just 2 points in the first half, Veems scored 22 points in the third quarter, 13 out of 20 shots, 30 points, 10 rebounds and 5 times with 65%. Asist. His perfect integration with Ii Jianlian is an important reason why the Guangdong team won this season. Under the guidance of Wesley, the team successfully spurred a "quick whirlwind". In circumstances where the number of team rotations was reduced due to injury, everyone retained the power of attack and defense, especially as journalists play in it. The key role, in the end, the Guangdong team scored Lectra Kingdao. Xu Jie and Hu Mingkuan scored double figures, and Su Vei sent the best masterpiece of the season, and the Guangdong team scored in double digits once again had "a hundred flowers." In my opinion,

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