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The industrial added value of 2018 exceeds 30 billion dollars to lead the world. The large growth rate of investment in manufacturing will guarantee a high future performance | Daily Economic News

In 2018, China's industrial value added surpassed 30 billion yuan for the first time, and industry continued to rank first in the world. However, this is already history and people are more concerned about the future development of the industrial sector.

The number of mobile users in the IoT has increased by 400 million last year, and it is hoping that 5G will start commercial terminals in the middle of this year. Shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing have canceled access restrictions for foreigners. The advance of foreign stocks and restrictions has been limited, the ultra-high definition 4K video industry, cruise ship construction and ice and ice equipment will once again expand the path of manufacturing restructuring and upgrades of products …

On January 29, the Ministry of Information Technology and Technology, Miao Wei, summarized the successes of China's industrial communications industry in 2018 at the press conference of the State Council and , above all, painted a beautiful image of the future "Made in China". . He said that in 2019, according to the global plan determined by the Conference of Central Economic Economics, will continue the further development of the manufacturing and communications industries.

● The general realization of the general manufacturing industry is open to foreign investment.

In 2018, the industrial communications industry has achieved many successes, and many outstanding aspects have emerged.

Miao Wei specifically mentioned that industrial investment in 2018 increased by 6.5% year-on-year, 2.9 percentage points more than in the previous year. Among them, manufacturing investment increased 9.5% year-on-year, the highest growth rate since July of 2015, and it has recovered for nine consecutive months.

"Everyone knows that the relationship between the entry and the industrial result is that the investment of today will definitely lead to tomorrow's production. Investment in manufacturing continues to grow, which makes us firmly believe in the future development "said Miao Wei, manufacturer Almost 50% of the investment in the industry is the investment in technological transformation, it is not an extension of the growth of investments such as the expansion of productive capacity and the # 39 ; expansive scale, but an investment in the improvement of the product structure, the industrial structure and the improvement of the medium to high value chain. About 70% of these investments are private investments.

Not only that, but the support of the new kinetic energy continues to increase. The added value of the manufacturing of high technology increased by 11.7%, and the growth rate of the value added of the manufacturing industry reached 8.1%, both significantly higher than the overall industrial growth rate of 6.2%. "These are the results of the industrial restructuring".

In addition, the opening towards the outside world to achieve new advances. In 2018 shipbuilding restrictions, restrictions on the access to aircraft manufacturing and foreign investment ratios of special vehicles and new generation vehicles were eliminated. Opening hours and road maps for other types of vehicles were also clarified. With this as a sign, the general manufacturing industry has basically achieved a total openness to foreign investment. "With the continuous increase of open measures, the real use of foreign capital in the manufacturing industry reached 41.2 million dollars in 2018, 22.9% more than the" An earlier year, numerous major foreign investment projects in the manufacturing sector were established in China, "Miao Wei said.

In the field of communications, we are also accelerating the development of new businesses and strongly promoting new services such as IPTV, Internet of Things and smart homes. At the end of December 2018, the three basic telecommunications companies had 670 million mobile Internet users, a net increase of 400 million. IPTV users increased 27.1% from the end of the previous year, with a net increase of 33.16 million in the whole year, and the net increase of IPTV users accounted for 44.6% of the net increase of users of access to fiber.

● The commercial acceleration 5G will commercialize the infrastructure of the IoT

Given the downward pressure on the largest industrial economy, what measures will the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology adopt in 2019?

Miao Wei said that we must first promote the development of high quality manufacturing. It is necessary to establish a system of technological innovation based on companies and strengthen the connection between industry, the university and the research institutes, and continue building a number of national centers of innovation of manufacture of high quality "This innovation center is different from the various forms of innovation centers in the past, it is not the nature of the institution, but the nature of the company. Investment entities They are the main companies in the industry and completely follow the management model of the company. " He pointed out that the center of innovation must have Sustainability, the capacity to be cleaned, not only based on the financial funds being developed, its positioning is to provide technology common to industry, instead Advances in personality technology.

Secondly, we have to expand and further expand the internal market. He said that it is necessary to support the development of vehicle networks, support the development of new energy vehicles, promote innovation and the promotion of applications of the high definition video industry such as 4K, support to the construction of cruises and to develop the necessary ice and snow equipment in 2022. These are new growth points. At the same time, we will continue to update and expand information consumption to support the innovation and development of usable devices and virtual reality products.

In addition, in the promotion of the transformation and the industrial update, we must continue developing the activities of "increase of the varieties, the improvement of the quality and the creation of marks" in the industry of consumer goods, realizing green manufacturing projects, cultivating and developing industries for protection of energy and environmental protection and implementing a new round of major technological transformation projects.

In promoting 5G business, Wen Ke, director of the Department of Information and Communication Development of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, mentioned that from the IMT-2020 promotion group (5G) to the Proof of all 5G in 2018, At the commercial level, chip companies and terminal companies are driving the development of chips and terminals.

"Since the current progress, it is hoping that there will be better commercial terminals in the middle of this year." Wenku said that 5G will become the infrastructure to build a new generation of information networks for the Internet at all, and there will be many applications in this regard. Among them, the Internet of vehicles is an important field. The accelerated development of the Internet of vehicles also accumulates experience for integrated applications of 5G between the industry and the integration between domains.

● Auto sales are declining first or stimulate industrial concentration

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2018, the production and sale of automobiles was 27.809 million and 28.081 million, respectively, 4.2% and 2.8% respectively. Auto sales have experienced negative growth for the first time in 28 years.

In this sense, Miao Wei said that from the point of view of the structure of the product, the negative growth occurred mainly in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles still maintained a trend of positive growth and the new vehicles of " # 39; energy kept up a trend of high-speed growth.

When we talk about the reasons for the decline in sales, Miao Wei believes that there are mainly internal and external factors. From the outside, factors such as purchase restrictions, expensive vehicles, more fines and parking difficulties have led to a decline in production and sales of cars. From within, companies are not fast enough to adjust their structure and change their mode of development. .

To solve these problems, we must also start from both internal and external aspects. From within, we must adhere to the structural reform of the offer as the main line and accelerate the adjustment of the product structure. For example, new energy vehicles are showing rapid growth, and several leading companies have begun to taste sweet. More companies have to work together in this regard in the light of their own news.

"As far as industrial restructuring is concerned, I believe that negative growth is not necessarily a bad thing. In the past, when good growth was made, good and bad products could be sold on the market. It is now a critical period to put It proves the competitiveness of companies and achieves the survival of the safest mechanisms. And production and sales will be further concentrated in the dominant companies, the industrial concentration will be improved, "Miao Wei said.

In addition, from the outside, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology works actively with the relevant departments to accelerate research and development of relevant policies, such as accelerating the retirement of older cars, promoting car consumption Rural, optimize the used automobile traffic environment and accelerate the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. The market is driving the development of the entire industry.

The journalist noted that the ten departments, including the National Commission for Development and Reform and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, published the "Plan of implementation to optimize the bid to promote a steady growth in consumption and promote the formation of a strong internal market (2019), "which implies several measures to promote the consumption of cars. In addition to the 4 points mentioned by the nursery at the press conference, it also includes the constant promotion of the relaxation of restrictions on trucks entering the city and further optimizing the management measures of the local government vehicle .

In addition, Miao Wei also mentioned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will further improve the construction of loading facilities and coordinate vehicles and roads. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Transport and Housing and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development have reached a consensus to accelerate the information and the digital transformation of the structure of the road network and create a future carbon environment for driving and driving without drivers in the future. "You can not trust the car, the way must keep up to date." We must maximize the benefits of the system, optimize the industrial development environment and encourage companies to continue increasing the investment in the medium and high end links of the industrial chain.

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