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The latest classified in the International Table Tennis Table Federation, Lin Gaoyuan, Chen Mengchao, will jump to the third team in China

Original title: the latest qualification of the International Table Tennis Table Federation, Lin Gaoyuan Chen Mengchao, will jump to the third

On January 30, in Beijing, the ITTF website announced the last global ranking in February. Lin Gaoyuan and Chen Meng, who won the men's and women's singles champions at the Hungarian Open this month, jumped to the third position of the 4 male singles and the 4 singles women, surpassing the Japanese Zhang Benzhi and Shichuan Jiachun. In the news, Chinese team players are the first three men and single women, and the advantage of leading world table tennis is even more obvious.

In the news, Fan Zhendong and Xu Wei continue to rank the first and second place in the world of male men. The captain of the Chinese team Ma Long, who has been very far from the international competition for more than half a year, is still the 12th place in male singles. The world table tennis competition of the 2019 season this month is the Open of Hungary. In the men's final individual, Lin Gaoyuan won the 4-0 win over the previous male runners and the world champion Guoping 00 Wang Chuqin won the championship. In the news, Lin Gaoyuan is the third place in the world, and the fifteen-year-old teenager, Zhang Benzhi, is the fourth in the world.

As of the fifth world in the 15th world, male singles are ranked this month in the same month last year, Boer (Germany), Calderno (Brazil), Li Shangyi (Korea), Huang Zhenting (Hong Kong, China), Dan Yu Xiaoxi. (Japan), Mizutani (Japan), Zhang Yuzhen (Korea), Malone (China), Falk (Sweden), Ochalov (Germany), Francesca (Germany).

Liang Jingkun, newcomer to the Chinese team, climbed 16th place from the 20th place last month. The world ranking of Samsonov, a veteran of 42 years of age, rose from 23 a month before 20. Zhang Jike ranked 76th in the world this month, under # 1 of # 39 ; last month

Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling continued to classify the first and second place in the female world of singles. Chen Meng won the 4-2 championship in the Hungarian Open this month. The world ranking of women's women passed from 4 to 3 of the previous month. The third month of the decade of the decade of the decade of the decade of 1990,

The fifth to the twelfth position in the women's world is consistent with last month, Liu Shiwen (China), Wang Manzhen (China), Ito Meicheng (Japan), Zheng Yijing (Chinese Taipei), Hirano Mio (Japan) Feng Tianwei (Singapore), Xu Xiaoyuan (South Korea) and Sato Yu (Japan). The world ranking of the young Chinese son Zhuojia fell from 27 to the previous month until the 31st. This month's Hungarian Open, He Zhuojia died of the qualifying round, but unfortunately the first round of female singles went to Zhu Yuling, which Zhuojia lost with Zhu Yuling 0-4 and not he could continue.

Chinese player Zhang Rui has moved from position 70 of the previous month to 58th place. Chinese player Liu Gaoyang rose from 103th place last month to 85th place. This month's Hungarian Open, Liu Gaoyang won the first round of Feng Tianwei, the second round lost 2-4 to his team mate Sun Yingsha. Chen Ke of the Chinese team increased from the 106th place of the previous month to 93th place. (Red)Go back to Sohu and see more

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