Saturday , October 1 2022

The power of control of Gree _ China Economic Net – National Economic Gateway – China Economic Net


  1. Control power of Gree Electric _ Economic network of China – National economic network China Economic network
  2. Dong Mingzhu's "fast mouth" leads the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to pay attention to Gree Electric: no break after the market
  3. Dong Mingzhu announced for the first time the violation of profits? The Shenzhen Stock Exchange sends a letter of inquiry to Gree Electric Appliances
  4. Dong Mingzhu was arrested by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for alleged misconduct due to early disclosure.
  5. Dong Mingzhukou quotes quickly to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to pay attention to Gree: the revelation after the market is not a violation of the rules
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