Monday , March 1 2021

The price of Bitcoin reaches a record high, Musk said it “seems to be high”: digital currency / blockchain

After the market value exceeded $ 1 trillion for the first time, the price of Bitcoin hit a new high, which left some well-known fans a little baffled. The world’s richest man, Musk, said on social media that the price of Bitcoin “seems to be high.”His tweet responds to Peter Schiff, a cryptocurrency skeptic and gold fan who previously claimed that gold is better than Bitcoin and Fiat currencies.


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“Currency is just data, which saves us the hassle of bartering,” Musk said on Twitter. “This data, like all data, presents delays and errors.” He then added: “In this case, Bitcoin and Ethereum seem high.”

Musk previously referred to Bitcoin as “not so stupid” cash. The largest cryptocurrency rose 3.4% on Saturday to $ 57,527; was trading at $ 56,062 at 10:31 a.m. New York time. Bitcoin has risen 56% since late January and more than tripled last year. Bitcoin, which came out more than a decade ago, was priced at just a few cents in the early years.

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