Sunday , October 17 2021

The Sinopec event "black swan" reached the net profit of 2018 with a new maximum of 5 years – News News News

  1. Sinopec's "Black Swan" event reached 2018, the net result was a new maximum of 5 years.
  2. The loss of 4.65 million pesetas from the petrochemical of the Union is much lower than the expected? Things are not that simple, you see Wall Street
  3. The impact of the loss of the joint petrochemical operation of 4.65 billion incident derivatives? Channel of Caixin network company
  4. Explanation of details of Sinopec Black Swan: the net profit of Sinopec was dragged in the fourth quarter by 80%
  5. Sinopec: a judgment on the trend of international oil prices. The 2018 Union Petrochemical operational loss was about 4.65 million yuan.
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