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Three consecutive wins · Red Devils 2019 – Sports | Without Chew Daily


Watch the "Red Devils" Manchester United won three consecutive games, this season, Red Devils fanatics realized the joy of becoming a giant football fan.

Bogba achieved "freedom" and expelled the best midfielder, helping Manchester United beat Bournemouth 4-1. (Photo: AFP)

(United Kingdom, Manchester, day 31)) The "Devils Vermeps" of Manchester United won three consecutive breaks. This season, the Red Devils realized the joy of becoming a great football fan.

In the 20th round of the Premier League yesterday, Manchester United spent 10 people at the Old Trafford stadium. He still beat Bournemouth 4-1 and won the league race 3 in 2018. Continue adding 35 points to the sixth, second half of the season to fight for the first four.

This is the winning race of three games that "Suo Sheng" Solskjaer took since he took office. He became the third coach who won the first three games in the first three games after Busby and Mourinho.

In addition to this campaign, Manchester United defeated Huddersfield 3-1 and 5-1 against Cardiff in the first two games and scored 12 goals in three games. It was the first time coach Ferguson Ferguson retired.

The most dazzling is Bogba midfielder, international French has scored twice in two consecutive rounds. In the last three consecutive matches, he scored 7 goals and was in a state of an impact.

His Shengsheng inspires Manchester United to attack the DNA

After all, before Mourinho, Manchester United played hands tied and tied their hands, there was no convincing performance, but after the arrival of Solskjaer, the offensive DNA of # 39 ; equipment was totally inspired, as if it were back at the Ferguson era.

Under the leadership of Sou Sheng, Manchester United spent more, ran and threatened to shoot, so the extreme offense of Manchester United has become a threat. Statistics against Cardiff, Huddersfield and Bournemouth, the Red Devils completed a total of 44 shots, even more terrifying, 37 of them reached the range of the door frame, continue to give high scores Quality at Manchester United with easy goals to harvest.

In this campaign, Manchester United scored in just 5 minutes and Rushford made two consecutive passes to the right. Bogba scored a goal, 1-0. In minute 33, Herrera passed the ball and Bogba quickly reached the heading and helped Red Devils to expand their lead. In minute 45, Martial made a pass from the right side of the road and Rushford scored a goal to help the local team achieve a 3-0 lead.

You've ejected the Bailey shovel

However, before the end of the half, Bournemouth opened the tactical corner, then Brocks chose the pass, Ake took the lead and broke the goal to help the team retire a city. At minute 72 of the easy side, Bogba made a pass to the front court. Lukaku, who left the bench, scored a ball and shot Bengovich to help Manchester United to seal the win. After 7 minutes, Bailey broke Fraser furiously and was expelled by the red card, but did not prevent the Red Devils from taking 3 points.

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