Tuesday , October 19 2021

Video: The movie "Alita: Fighting Angels" is the master of China's dominion, and visual overcomes "Avatar" – Sina.com


  1. Video: The movie "Alita: Battle Angel" is the main creation of the dominant voice of China, which will be super "Avatar" Sina
  2. "Alita" exposed "Girls Awakening" to warn that the fighting angels gradually recovered their powerful fighting power and exploded instantly.
  3. Cameron chose the hand! "Alita: Battle Angel" pure Japanese version of the latest news released – Movie cnBeta
  4. 432 million of hours, the content of the production is "Avatar" 3 times! The masters of the Vita come to China plates by hand dry sludge "Alita" Mtime Time Network
  5. "Alita: Battle Angel" theme song MV Dua Lipa song – CnBeta European and American music
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