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What will Apple do in 2019 What are your expectations? – Apple Apple



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Everyone knows the Apple project

The first thing to say is that everyone knows that Apple's plans, that is, three major product lines of hardware will generate a new round of updates, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. The three lines do not enter the moment, after all, it is still not time.

At the same time, all the products that everyone has been waiting for for a long time, and also the products that Apple has promised for a long time, should also be able to debut next year. Apple has long confirmed that AirPods with a wireless charge will be launched in 2018, but we have not yet seen the new AirPods wireless housing and the second generation of rumors supports "嘿 Siri" for a better environmental sound. The processed AirPods products also did not debut.

According to the past, the AirPods wireless charging box can not only be loaded through AirPower, but Apple is also more open, which allows a range of standard Qi wireless charging devices. However, it is not clear whether the new Qi support that loads the wireless charging box will become the standard of the second generation AirPods wireless headphones, but Apple has determined that it will be sold as an optional accessory.

AirPower wireless charging cushion? Although the Apple website has completely eliminated its existence, it should officially launch. After all, this product still has a lot of fruit powder for too long. However, the latest developments this month show that Apple could have modified the AirPower circuit and requested a new patent. The patent shows that the new AirPower will have data connection with the iPhone, which can display the status of the load through the iPhone and also supports different charging standards of Qi and PMA to adapt to the same, Switch to a variety of devices. Anyway, AirPower can only wait.

In addition to the previous products, the new Apple Watch generation, Apple TV will basically be updated next year, and the iPad mini 5 will be on the verge of the analyst, I just hope to be able to debut. Additionally, the four major Apple iOS, MacOS, WatchOS and TVOS software operating systems will definitely receive a new update to the WWDC 2019 Developer Conference next year.

According to the previous news, the new features that Apple originally intended to add to iOS 12 have been postponed to iOS 13. It is not surprising that iOS 13 will redesign the start screen and will improve the # 39 ; application of files, which will bring the new file manager to the version of the macOS platform and will provide an application tab. At the same time, iOS 13 will support executing the same application in split screen split screen mode, similar to the avatars of the application. In addition, Apple will improve support for Apple Pencil in split mode View Split.

Some other Apple programs that should be predictable or predictable:


– Mac will have an iOS application, including ARM Mac

At the Apple Developer Conference WWDC 2018 this year, Apple confirmed one thing, iOS and MacOS will not merge, but Apple gives everyone a "Sneak Peek" project that has developed over the years Years, that is, the introduction of iOS applications to the MacOS platform. . Apple also emphasized that iOS and MacOS platforms have more technologies in the same direction and that M ac is so powerful, and therefore it feels that Mac is integrated into the most vibrant ecosystem of applications in the world.

Apple said that although MacOS and iOS devices are a bit different, including the user interface and many other aspects, the underlying architecture of both is the same from the beginning, so That you've done additional work to make compatibility possible. Because iOS applications are easier to run on macOS. However, Apple has determined that the iOS app will also adapt to the way Macs are used, including the Ttackpad touch pad and the mouse input, adjustable windows, scrollbars, copy and paste, and drag and drop.

Apple also made it clear that the project will be open to developers in 2019, so next year we can see that a lot of developers will adapt the iOS app to MacOS. The key is that Apple is an ambitious company, especially for the search of tokens, so many analyzes believe that there will be a new category of Apple devices in the future, such devices are based on Mac devices based on ARM chips or based on Portable Computer for iOS.

The Apple plan is really considering the Mac device of the AMR chip, I think Apple will deliver it to us in 2019. This year, Apple announced that Apple plans to replace Intel chips with their own ones Personalized Mac chips from 2020. Although this news is sudden, Apple is not surprised to develop ARM-based chips for the Mac product line, as Apple has begun to develop ARM chips for its own line of products, including the T series, the S series and the W. series chips. So next year, Apple shares in this area also receive a lot of attention.


– Mac Pro

Although Apple did not share more details about its new Mac Pro this year, there are many indications that this new product will be very powerful. Not only did the high performance hardware expected, but also the modular design that Apple did not explain.

Many people have different interpretations of the "modular" Mac Pro, and some believe it has to support external graphics cards. In fact, this is unquestionable, as long as the Mac interface with Thunderbolt 3 now supports eGPU. Others believe that the so-called "modular" design should be able to replace processor components, the SSD card, memory and graphics card as freely as Windows PC.

However, there is also the belief that the word "modular" is only for Apple, and Apple can use "modules" to make money, instead of returning the comfort of hardware replacement to professional users. Of course, this concern may be superfluous because Apple is openly communicating with the professional community, and many professionals form the "Pro Workflow Team" to participate in the development of Mac Pro, in order to reach professional clients to really understand your needs and offer them The most complete professional solution.

Too. Given that a large amount of Mac now integrates the chips of the own T of Apple itself, I think the new Mac Pro products are no exception. Either way, Apple has been paying attention to the needs of professional users, including iMac Pro, MacBook Pro and the new Mac mini, trying to connect with "more professional", so that Mac Pro might end up Not related to the needs of the mass consumer market. Great

In accordance with the original commitment of Apple in 2017, Apple said that the new Mac Pro of the new generation must be modular, scalable and capable of meeting the needs of high performance and high performance of professional users


Apple Video Transmission Service

Apple's entry to the original television show and film is currently just a rumor, but the series of Apple shares has caused many people to talk about the possibility of # 39 ; enter the video streaming field. Among them, Apple has spent millions of dollars to build an elite team that creates high quality content.

For example, in the middle of 2017, Apple unearthed two of Sony's veterans, Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, responsible for the Apple Work related video content. At this time, Eddy Cue, executive of Apple, said: "We have prepared exciting plans for our clients and we can not wait to get them to their professional skills. We have more to do in the future ".

Although Apple has kept silent on how to use its original content plan, it is hoping that Apple will launch its own new video streaming service in 2019. It should not wait until next fall, around September 2019. Some analysts said that Apple's expansion of its service business through video transmission will help increase revenue, as new audiences will also become other services in their own ecology.

As for how Apple will launch, it is still unclear. An application can be provided separately. You can integrate Apple TV to be the first to provide your own ecosystem, or you can provide cross-platform services like Apple Music. It is convenient for more users to subscribe, and the latter needs a certain amount of original content, so that it can compete with other video service providers in transmission time.


– 5G temptation

According to the current development of the Android field, the first 5G smartphones should be available in 2019. However, these providers simply can not fulfill the promise of great advertising, since most of the Operators have not yet set a specific timetable for the launch of 5G networks, and some operators can not complete the deployment of the 5G network until 2020 or later.

It is undeniable that Apple is also following the 5G technology. Although we do not expect the 2019 iPhone to introduce 5G network support, we can also hear from Apple talking about more information about its 5G plan, including how it is based on the software. I support this new technology. Apple's movements will not be so fast, and they can be closer to the global jump of the 5G network by 2020.

There may be a key reason for this, that is, Apple's chip development team is developing autonomous modems. Apple does not intend to use the Qualcomm modems. Intel's modem performance issues have been criticized, since in 2017 it has been reported that the search and development of projects Apple modems for five or six years can be completed next year or two Therefore, as the Apple modem is very interesting, and many friends of the machine also want to know if Apple will integrate the modem into the SoC chip of the A series.


– Mobile medical equipment

The new Apple Watch Series 4 Apple has a very good feature this year, which supports reading ECG and can control certain heart conditions. Despite this, Apple's plan is not happy with this, Apple expects its mobile device to contribute more to the medical industry, and even each device can reasonably participate in the key links in the medical industry. Therefore, Apple, which focuses on the development of medical sensors, is expected to offer medical and medical features based on iOS next year.


– Continue forcing the business field

The position of Apple in the corporate world is far from the consumer sector, so Apple has been working hard in this area over the years to try to reach a place in complex corporate areas. Although Apple has introduced a variety of professional professional products for the company, such as the iPad Pro, Apple will continue to pay more attention to the business field in 2019. Because in the current world economic trend, a Once hardware sales in the consumer sector are problematic, it is easy to suppress, and the sector of Microsoft that has fought in the business environment is increasing, so it is wise that Apple pay more attention to the business industry


Beyond the AirPods

When Apple first launched AirPods, it was publicly stated that AirPods is equivalent to "reinventing wireless headphones." The words of Apple have some truth. After all, AirPods is so popular today. Even many friends on the machine who are also worried about wireless headphones in the Android field should admit that their revolutionary AirPods chip can provide a Bluetooth without problems. Audio experience is excellent, especially in the iOS ecosystem.

AirPods can do this. It is obvious that Apple is not only developing AirPods as a wireless headset, it also develops it as a usable device and has developed a W1 chip to achieve a "fast" pairing. "Connection, and three technical features of ultra low power consumption. Therefore, Apple will surely develop a second-generation AirPods product in 2019 and will bring a more powerful W2 chip for this purpose.

Regarding the W2 chip, it will not be easy to say that the W2 chip will carry an excellent Siri voice support on AirPod, and even future AirPods can provide high-end features, including noise reduction technology and a broad support Range, even with some biometric sensors, such as heart rate monitors. Having said that, since the chip in the W series is so powerful, will it appear in other new products? We can also wait for 2019.

In short, we see you next year.

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