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Wu Xiubo Office of Cinema and Capital Television – 100 million Yuan, Tianying, is, love, say journalists – China Business News


2019-01-28 00:02:21 Source: China Business News

Press room / map

Our reporter Ma Xiuzhen Wu Kezhong reports from Beijing

Wu Xiubo, a film and television actor who became a late seller, fell into a "big boss" at the age of knowing his destiny.

On the morning of January 23, Wu Xiubo's movie "The love of St. 2" was urgently rejected. The same day, China Film Distribution Co., Ltd. issued the "Notice on the reconstruction of the film" Love 2 ", which shows:

At the request of the film, the release date will be postponed due to technical problems and the specific release time will be announced separately.

After the storm incident, China Business News reporter arrived at the Beijing Fuxing International Center Building, where the shock company of Wu Xiubo Shanghai Xitian Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. (now, "Xitian Film and Television") is on the inner wall of Xitian Film and Television Company. On the electronic screen, it still blinks

The figure of Wu Xiubo, when the reporter indicated that he wanted to interview the Wu Xiubo brokerage team, the company's staff told the reporter: "People in their group are not there, they leave ".

"The media department group came out," and the journalist visited Wu Xiubo, the 10th floor of the building, as the largest shareholder of Horgos Culture Media Co., Ltd. (then)

Referred to "the second culture", the company's reception staff also told reporters. On the left side of the door is a sign of the "Military Union".

The journalist discovered that, in addition to Xitian Film and Television, many film and television companies including Fuji Culture, Xinli Media, Happy Blue Ocean (300528.SZ) and Contemporary Oriental (000673.SZ) had an intersection with Wu Xiubo .

Storm fermentation

Four months ago, the actor Chen Yulin had a secret relationship of seven years with Wu Xiubo in the circle of friends of WeChat. At that time, the news failed that Wu Xiubo was not greatly affected. Since then, Wu Xiubo has been a mentor of the popular "The Birth of Actors" variety.

However, on January 18, 2019, the incident fermented again. The person who claimed Chen's parents issued an open letter saying that Wu Xiubo reported that Chen Yulin had threatened to extort money by exposing privacy. Chen Yulin was arrested in the Chaoyang District Detention Center for alleged extortion. Wu Xiubo's statements that he could face jail for more than ten years.

Later, Xitian Film and Television issued a statement of lawyer, alleging that Chen Yulin had been detained by crime by the public security department for issuing a false statement about WeChat, which allegedly extorted Wu Xiubo and He was arrested by the prosecution. The statement also indicated that the content of the previous open letter was not true and it had been reflected in the public safety machine.

Guan, and will be responsible for the legal responsibility of the editor.

On January 19, the wife of Wu Xiubo and his agent, El Zhenya, issued a statement saying: "Our family has been threatening and intimidating for a year and a half. The other party has requested huge sums of money from millions to tens of millions. "And the rules are ineffective and the other groups get worse.

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