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Xiao Wei: Chinese football is hard to wake up in the future. There will be failure in the future.

Original title: Xiao Wei: Chinese soccer is difficult to shake your face, there will be failure in the future

The country was enough to defeat Iraq in 0-3 and stopped in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup. The famous football journalist Xiao Wei was interviewed by Sohu Sports and talked about many topics of interest to the people. Xiao Wei said that the national soccer team lost to the Asian Cup and had a deep sense of impotence in the impossibility of inciting Chinese football. Only with the gradual development of Chinese football can the future win.

The country was enough to defeat Iraq in 0-3 and stopped in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup. When Xiao Xiao spoke of this, he said the national football team lost heart. "The 2019 Asian National Cup tour of the national soccer team lost 0-3 to Iran in the quarterfinals. After the team, it also finished, although the team National soccer reached the quarterfinals and basically blocked the seed of the Qatar World Cup 40 seed, but due to the exposure to Iran, the harvest was defeated "Judging by the performance of coach Lippi after leaving the game, it must be said that this loss is very heated."

Xiao Wei spoke about Lippi's inability to change the current national football situation. "A year ago, thinking of Lippi's holiday with foreign media, he said that the attitude of renewing the contract with national football is a lot optimistic, but this situation, with China La Copa suffered two great scores: at that time, the country lost enough to tie 0-6 to lose in Wales and lost 1-4 in the Czech Republic. At that time, Lippi also showed the national defense performance and the representation of the twelve Asian Games. When the national football team took over, Lippi also believed that the national football team He could do his own development job and believed that the national football team had potential for development. With more than two years of development training, Lippi also discovered gradually A generation of marshals, not can change the nature of fu current national football ".

Xiao Yu spoke about the departure of Lippi and Zheng Zhi, and also caused people to feel the impotence of Chinese football. "The resignation and tears of Lippi with Zheng Zhi, this is not just a sign of sadness for everyone. Behind this is also the impotence of reality that Chinese football can not incite reality. Everyone often says Let the future come and forget that the loss has never happened, but when you see such a national team, this way, when you finish the 2019 Asian Cup tour, I can not help but ask: where is the future? is the future

Xiao Wei said that Guo Qing and Guo Shao also suffered the fate of defeat: Chinese football not only lost the present, but the future is just as worrying. "If Chinese soccer is losing now, there are chances to win the future? In the loss of national football, I feel very sad: during the Lippi training of the national football team, the 1999 national youth team led by Cheng Yaodong goes Lead the team to return to the Asian Youth Championship in Indonesia. The result of the defeat is for those who care about Chinese football. It is said they are accustomed. This type of output has appeared seven times in a row And, along with the experience of the six consecutive national teams, he lost the World Championship. "

Compared to the national football team and Japan and South Korea, Xiao Wei also envied the opponents of a large number of European and European players: "We found that the team National football has made the best human resources in the country, it is the strongest national football we can build. Strong national football, the difference between Japan and South Korea and the Iranian team that are currently participating in the Copa d & # 39; Asia is obvious. I have also summarized the manuscript. When we are Chinese soccer players and people who care about football, we envy the large number of foreign players in Japan and South Korea. The enemies that envy their foreigners are going When they enjoyed this type of harvest, the future of our Chinese players is unclear.

Xiao Wei said that Chinese soccer has lost in the starting line and is also buying the fast success of the past. "When our national player is behind Guo Shao and Guo Qing's starting line, how can we send The future of the Chinese team, which is based on them, can have better and more enjoyable performances. In this Asian Cup, the oldest country in the national team of Football indicates that Chinese football, especially the national character, will be in the future for a long time. The team has to pay more for the fast success of the past. "

The national football team has changed coaches in recent years, but have not been successful. Xiao Wei said that all those who care about Chinese football are worthy of it. "The future of the national soccer team is worth attention. However, after two months, the China Cup will start In Nanning, what kind of posters will the National Football Association have, what new faces are there? I do not think they are the most important issues. The most important thing is the next national football. What is the construction system? Since past Arihan, Milu, and then Camacho, Perrin and Lippi in recent years, I think there are many names in the national football team, but why are they all? It's a matter of triumph and return These are the questions that people who care about football are worried. "

Xiao Wei said that Chinese football still has to endure the failure and develop football step by step according to law. "Is Lippi changing nothing? Or can not change Chinese football. In fact, the answer is clear. It is also a sincere expectation that our national football can be improved and better. After all, our youngsters begin and evolve actively. But, from cultivation attentive to flowering, this is also a process that needs to be done, not a one-time process, for a long time after Chinese football for a long time, I fear I have to resist failure. I have to endure failure, I have to be prepared psychologically, I have to lose. Only on this basis, at the same time, we have to satisfy the progress gradually and follow the law. Then, it is likely that our soccer will return to the future "(Ariel).Go back to Sohu and see more

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