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Xu Canyong wins the gold belt (sports rostrum) – it is, Toyota, the only, local time, to become the world – Daily People & # 39; s

2019-01-28 03:58:01 Source: Daily People & # 39; s

On January 26, at the local time, Chinese players Xu Can (on the left) and Rojas went to the match. On the same day, Xu Can defeated the boxing champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) and Rojas de Puerto Rico in Houston, USA, and won the boxing champion's golden belt.
Song Yushe (Xinhua news agency)

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Xu Can, 24, defeated Puerto Rican boxer Rojas and won the weight title of the World Boxing Association (WBA). To become a world champion, it does not mean that Xu Can can lower, on the contrary, wait for him is a stronger opponent and more rigorous training, Xu Can needs to complete the defensive war within a period of 6 months.

On January 26, the local time, the five-star red flag of the Toyota Center in Houston, United States, overflowed. As a home of the Houston Rockets NBA (National Basketball) team, the Toyota Center sang "The Song of Yao Ming," and now the stadium has recorded the glory of another athlete Chinese After 12 rounds of battle, the Chinese boxer Xu Can, 24, defeated the boxing champion and Buenosairean Rojas, and won the world's # # # # # # # # Golden Globe boxing boxing champion. ; World Boxing Association (WBA), after Zou Shiming and Xiong Chaozhong Champion of the world of professional boxing in China. When he interviewed after the game, Xu Can could not conceal his pride: "My strength comes from my homeland – China!"

Before the party, many people were not optimistic about this young boy from Jiangxi. The qualifications of Xu Can were still shallow, while Red opponent experienced. Many professionals predict that Rojas will not be able to defeat Xu Can to get defense if he does not need to play 12 rounds.

Xu Can, who is at the Challenger site, took the initiative from the beginning of the game and took the initiative of attacking Roxas. Solid defense did not make the Red oldest take advantage. As the game progressed, perhaps the "blitzkrieg" in the attempt did not work, and disappointment and frustration occasionally looked at Roxas's 32-year-old face. After 12 rounds, the three referees scored 117: 111, 116: 112 and 118: 110 respectively, and unanimously determined that Xu Can won the game with obvious points.

"I trained a lot for this game and I was prepared for a long time." The efforts of Xu Can ended up winning.

After defeating Rojas as world champion of the WBA, Xu Can became Asia's leading world champion in the last five years and the only world champion active in China. After Zou Shiming lost to Shanghai in 2017, Chinese boxers had never had a title with the world champion.

Previously, in the history of Chinese professional boxing, a total of six boxers attacked the world's golden curves from the four major professional boxing organizations. Only Zou Shiming and Xiong Chaozhong had successful experiences. As the seventh Chinese boxer who reached the golden belt of the world champion, the challenge of Xu Can is also the most difficult. In the game of winning the gold medal of the world champion, Zou Shiming and Xiong Chaozhong competed for a champion title in the vacant world with the rival. After that, Xiong Chaozhong successfully defended twice.

In contrast, Xu Can is a challenge for the active world champion and has successfully won the gold belt, which makes the title of his world champion more valuable. Xu Can has been one of the best professional boxers in China for a long time. In the ranking of authorized websites, Xu Can is the only four-star player and a half fight in China and 1532 feather occupations in the world. The boxer is tenth.

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