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On the southwest corner of the Fukai building, 19 Financial Street, Beijing, a small car parked near the entrance of the internal parking lot is about to start off. Along with the security guard that was around forty or fifty years old, he suddenly smiled and stood right in the car and respected the military ceremony … This is the scene of the journalist from China Times, which was seen at 4:30 p.m. on January 26. .

Approximately one hour before this episode, the CSRC of the Fukai building completed the delivery of the new and former president. After delivery, the new president and several vice presidents sent to Liu Shiyu on the ground floor and Liu left by car.

When the "China Times" reporter rushed to the ground floor of the Fukai building at 4 p.m., he saw the security distance in front of the main entrance of the CSRC and lifted the golden retractable door to bush under the entrance steps. The old security guard, slightly wholesaler, gave a few words to a young security guard that was on the steps and then entered the building leaving only the young security guard. In addition to the main entrance, the bushes on the northeast corner of the Fukai building also lifted the gold-fence door and were placed next to a young man security guard.

The entrance to the Fukai building is on the southwest corner, and the exit is on the northwest corner. In addition to the main entrance to the east, there is a west-facing back door to enter or exit. At 6 in the afternoon, when the night fell, the red and white decorations "Happy New Chinese Year" hung on the eyebrows at the front door.

"Steve Jobs" banking version

On the afternoon of January 26, 2019, the State Council announced that it would appoint Yihui as chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

He was born in Cangnan, Zhejiang province, was born in 1964 and is a doctor in management. After graduating from the Hangzhou Electronics Institute (now the University of Science and Electronic Technology of Hangzhou), in July 1984, Yihui entered the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in January of the 1985 and dedicated to Hangzhou. Deputy Director of the Municipal Planning Office.

Since then, his resume has passed from Zhejiang to Jiangsu to Beijing, from the city to the province to the central headquarters, from a central bank planner to the ICBC management experience. In May 2008, he served as deputy governor of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and since May of 2013 he has held the position of president and, since 2016, he has been the party's secretary and president of the country. ICBC and has been transferred to the president of the CSRC.

Under his mandate, for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017, ICBCNet profitThe scale is the leader in the world banking sector, and the market value of the company has also exceeded several other large international banks on several occasions.

When Yi is full of public appearances, he always wears glasses without laughter, and his excellent expression ability impresses the media.

In March 2015, ICBC launched a variety of financial products on the Internet. The press conference changed the normal state and adopted the "first-in-command" launch speech to introduce the new product model. After the meeting, the participants evaluated "Easy to respond to this speech with Feel" and "Q & A fun". There is "the feeling of Jobs".

Regarding personality, Yi will be full and evaluate his work "some emotions are impatient."

"At the beginning, some emotions are irritable, because the work critics are not friendly, please the comrades to endure more and endure me." Yi Huiman was informed by the media on January 26, 2019, when he told other colleagues from ICBC.

"Time is the people who are outside, we are responsible".

At the moment, the CSRC has assumed the expectation and the curiosity of Yihui. It is the same as the predecessor of the predecessor, that is, a general who has "excellent merits" in the indirect financing market, can also obtain results in the A-share direct financing market.

On October 30, 2018, when talking about the difficulty of financing private companies, Yi Huiman talked about the subject of "direct financing."

Yihui said that this round of financing of private companies is difficult, it is not mainly difficult to achieve substantial changes in the functioning of private companies, it is not difficult to break the loan in the banking system, but it is difficult to be under the liquidity pressure.

"The liquidity pressure is mainly due to channels of direct financing and off-balance sheet financing, including difficulties in issuing bonds.Commitment to equitySome risks caused by financing, etc., make the financing of the inventory of private companies not complied correctly. In fact, the financing balance of large banks for private companies grows, and credit is also basically stable. "Yi will be full

How to expand the direct financing channels of companies after Yishang is full is a focus of curiosity.

"Times are the people who deploy, we are responsible". This is what the media will say when they are full of ICBC companions.

Market rumors

"Strict supervision" is the regulatory direction of the CSRC after Liu Shiyu would assume the position.

However, as of the "administrative rescue" around October 2018, the expression "reduce trade resistance, increase market liquidity and reduce unnecessary commercial bonding" began appear in the CSRC statement, marking "strict supervision". The wind is loose.

What type of regulatory orientation will you be in charge of the CSRC under the Yi Club?

In this sense, the market has been rumored.

Wang Yiyue, a well-known investment banker and capital market watchdog, swears that he must respect the market and reduce administrative interference.

"To insist on the legal system, to reduce window orientation, the law may be prohibited, and the main institutional changes must completely search the market's opinions, but not in the way. Persist in violating the law, doing strictly enforce the law to eliminate offenders. Listening to opinions from one of the market parties, many policies on behalf of protecting the interests of investors are hurting the market, "said Wang Yuyue.

Liu Jipeng, Dean of the Business School of the University of Political Science and Law of China and director of the Capital Research Center, swears that the supervision and the examination are separated, decentralized and emitted, and real sponsorship and real demand and demand.

It is hoped that the market will postpone the power of CFS to issue trials, which may occur on the science and technology board.

The list of the newcomers proposed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which was published on the afternoon of January 18, was not on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This speculates that the market is related to the relevant audit arrangements of the Board of Science and Technology: in the system of current approval of shares A,New actionsThe power of decision to issue and quote is in the hands of the CSRC and the application of the registration system of the Board of Science and Technology means that the CSRC will have a great chance of being able to "decentralize" the Stock Exchange of Shanghai.

But what is the degree of decentralization? Is the reservation review reserved, only the rights to review the "decentralized" or decentralized list in the Shanghai Stock Exchange? It's worth the wait as the CSRC will be organized under Yimeng.

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