Saturday , May 8 2021

21st Century game: Caruana video editions

Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana greeted themselves in London before the start of the World Chess Championship. Photo: World Chess.

The preparation of the world cup crochet is completely secretive. They are usually team members, who are always composed of great super elite masters, who are charged and not very cheap for their services, are not familiar; In addition, what happens at training sites is very confidential, as no one wants to warn the opponent about possible strategies to follow, especially in the opening.

In the midst of so much hermeticism, a publication on the IouTube "Today in Chess" program, produced by the San Luis Chess Club, where Fabiano Caruana could be seen in training, was very surprised; but, in incredible carelessness, the audiovisual film showed several scenes where the name of the several openings and specific variants prepared by the candidate to deal with Magnus Carlsen in London could be read on the laptop screen. Video deleted; However, there was enough time for a few to see. The champion did not want to admit that he watched the video, but hinted at his subsequent statements that, of course, he thought he would later review those images. Leakage and eventual consequences have probably woken up more comments than the fourth match of the match, which ended in the table, in 34 moves and less than three hours of play.

Carlsen decided to change and decided to open English rather than play 1.d4 as well as on the second match. Caruana did not look surprised and proposed a common line in four horses in English until he chose to take his tow to e8 in the eighth movement. At the height of the shift, it appears that the white side is higher in position, due to the weak black foot on the c6; however, the champion had little chance of turning this little advantage into victory. The American defended himself well and when the Black King arrived in time to make sure that the pion did not fall to the C6, then the expected handling took place.

The sword enters on the second day of rest. Will the video show up in the future capabilities of Caruana at the opening? Is this "leak" designed to confuse Carlsen's team? We leave behind the first third of the matches, yes, we do not doubt it, the game continues from the board.

The fourth game
White: Carlsen Negras: Caruana
1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. n3 d5 5. nkd5 Nkd5 6. N2 Ac5 7. OO OO 8. d3 Te8 9. Ad2 Nkc3 10. Nkc3 Nd4 11. b4 O6 12. Tb1 Nkf3 + 13 Akf3 a6 14. a4 c6 15. Bd1 Bd7 16. b3 Df6 17. Bd4 Bf5 18. Df3 Bd4 19. Dkf6 gkf6 20. dke4 b5 21. Td1 Af8 22. akb5 akb5 23. Rg2 Ted8 24. Tdc1 Rg7 25. Ae1 Tdc8 26. Tc2 Ta4 27. Rf3 h5 28. Re2 Rg6 29. h3 f5 30. ekf5 + Rkf5 31. f3 Ae7 32. e4 + Re6 33. Ad2 Ad6 34. Tbc1 1 / 2-1 / 2

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