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5 emotions that are not exclusive to people | News from Salvador


Capuchin monkey.

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Science has shown that many emotions we consider are purely human, not only.

Ability to experiment pleasure, pain and fear It does not exclude human beings. In fact, it is vital to survive individuals of many species

But what about more complex emotions, such as the ability to suffer from the loss of a loved one or harassment when we think that they were unjust towards us?

Evolutionary biology and behavioral sciences and the brain have shown that nervous system people have striking similarities with those of some animals, especially those of other mammals.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise that the experienced Spanish primatologist and anthropologist Pablo Herreros asserts that emotion it Often we consider only human, not just experiencing them.

Below are 5 examples from his book "Emotional Animal Intelligence".

1. The meaning of justice

Capuchin monkey

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Types such as Capuchin monkeys can be distinguished between what is right and what is not.

A person with an average intelligence can differentiate between what is fair and what is not. And also receive like Capuchin monkeys.

These mammals they refuse to cooperate when they feel they were treated unfairly, according to a study by the Center Ierkes Primate in Atlanta, USA.

Scientists at the Center carried out an experiment in which they gave cucumber pieces to a group of these monotonous changes in plastic cards.

Then, one of the researchers gave him grapes – the food they receive enjoys more than a cucumber – just one of them.

Right after Others refused to continue to cooperate . Some even threw pieces of cucumbers into the faces of a scientist.

2. A desire for vengeance

An elephant

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Elephants are able to feel revenge.

If almost all people ever think about revenge, there is no reason to think that some animals do not.

In fact, the episode that India experienced in 2016 is known, elephant herd attacked the population of Ranchi (northeast of the country) that forced residents to fight for their lives.

The elephants were looking for the body of a woman who died after falling into the irrigation canal.

Other animals have shown horrible and vindictive with their aggressive trainers.

Chimps, for example, keep in their brains who are their friends and their enemies. If somebody attacks another, his friends could revenge.

3. Mother love


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As in other types, the mother's sense of primitive mothers showed science.

Human beings that have children usually love and protect them. Known, the phrase "There is no love like those mothers" is already a cliché.

In his book, Pablo Herreros compiles several examples mother's love of animals They took care of their young people with so much passion as a person.

This was the case of Christine, a chimpanzee from Tanzania, whose descendant was born with Domen's syndrome and a kilo that prevented her from sitting alone.

Researchers at the University of Kyoto, Japan, were witnesses Extreme concern This mother, who sometimes stopped eating to give her a baby.

The girl died for two years. And at that time, Kristina did not allow others to wear her, as if she knew that no one could do better than her.

The case of an elephant mother and her daughter – stolen from a herd to be taken to a labor camp – also shows that side of the emotions in the animal world.

Three years later, they met again after an effort by the environmental protection organization. Both of them stayed quiet for an hour. After they started Join your pipes and stroke.

4. Love sufferings


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Makavas can "die of love".

The reasons for love and loss of money are the cause of suffering for many people.

And Herreros points out in his book how macavs , who are faithful to their lives for all their lives, are especially fragile creatures before these types of losses.

For example, if one of them dies suddenly, the other is difficult to carry: often stop eating and weakening.

Some even they lose so much power that it is impossible to keep them on the cliffs where they live and fall into the void, dying to the hardened wall.

Form of suicide for love?

5. Consuelo capacity

Field voles or mice.

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Fields of mice, as well as dolphins, dogs and elephants, among other things, can console the partner who suffers.

Not only can people have empathy and feel compassion for others.

A study published in the journal Science In 2016, animals were shown like oxen or mice on the ground They are able to understand when their peers suffer and offers comfort.

By placing one of these rodents together with another extremely pronounced, it turned out that the one who was well was extremely careful with the other to alleviate it.

By doing this, the brain of the stress rodifier creates oxytocin – known as the "love hormone" – which It makes them a return to the feeling of well-being.

Other studies have shown that chimpanzees are comforts for victims of aggression. Something similar happens to dolphins, elephants and dogs.

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