Saturday , February 27 2021

Agustí Palavecino asked Cali to review River Plate’s offer

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Agustín Palavecino spoke with the directors of Deportivo Cali to review the offer made by River Plate. Its continuity in the sugar mill is in doubt.

Agustí Palavecino is without a doubt one of the figures of Esportiu Cali. In three years in the sugar team he has played 73 games and scored 18 goals. We will see its continuity this year, as River Plate presented an offer that tempts the player, but it does not seem to convince the managers of the green box. Marc Aureli Caicedo, president of the institution, spoke on the Blu Ràdio Sports Blog about the present of the negotiations between the two clubs.

“His contract expires in December and we want to extend, we are negotiating here, but it has not closed and now is the offer of River Plate and we already said we will not accept, because it is not correct, there is no balance here,” said the president of Cali.

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“He has asked us to consider this offer, he is a fan of River Plate and is from Buenos Aires as well,” said Marc Aureli Caicedo about the stance expressed by the Argentine winger.

Similarly, Caicedo clarified that Esportiu Cali “has 50% of the economic rights, but the federal rights are 100% ours”, so that the last word of the business is the sugar box.

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If he left, Esportiu Cali would face the BetPlay League without one of its key players and without the possibility, or at least in a short time, of being able to get a replacement that lives up to Palavecino’s talent. While River Plate would get a reinforcement that would adapt very well to the game of Marcelo Gallardo and would be a great complement to Nacho Fernández and Jorge Carrascal, creative and attacking steering wheels in the millionaire team.

Cali has just beaten Pereira and added six points in total to the League. His next match will be on Friday 29 January against Envigado.

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