Tuesday , July 5 2022

Bikini and Jet Ski! Kendall Jenner raises the level of the viral challenge of the bottle


For a few days it was possible to see in the social networks the particular challenge that several celebrities are making and with which they have demonstrated skills that none of their followers knew so far.

he Bottle Cap Challenge & # 39;As this fun and difficult game has been dubbed, it is difficult to place a bottle at one point and with a foothold try to open the pot without it falling or breaking.

It has been so stiff that this challenge has caused celebrities around the world to have been encouraged to share the video on their social networks, especially in their accounts of Instagram.

As a clear example of the previous one, one of the most famous sisters of Hollywood, Kendall JennerHe faced him "Challenge" after one of her best friends challenges her to do it.

The influencer surprised the users of the social network with a tight bikini and an aquatic motorcycle in what seems to be the edge of the beach in a kind of dock and there as someone holds the bottle this happens at Jet Ski and With his foot he manages to remove the lid from the container without any problems.

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It should be mentioned that each celebrity challenges its friends or relatives when the publication is made, with the aim of remaining viral and showing their abilities. This way he did it Justin Bieber, Who challenges your wife Hailey Baldwin and this finally challenged the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians & # 39;.

As if it were little and still Jenner To receive thousands of commentaries on the part of their fanatics, their brothers and their mother did not stay back, since they let him know the ingenious one and talented that was when risking with this particular game.

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