Wednesday , December 8 2021

Boca-River, for Libertadores, this week


The Conmebol Observers' Inspection found that the field of the game was in the conditions for completing the final of the Continental Contest. This is reported on the Entity Twitter account.

Conmebol was forced to suspend the game on Saturday, after 124 millimeters of water fell throughout the day, more than expected during the whole of November; the lawn of the La Bombonera court, the mythological stadium of Boca, where the end of the historic finale was controversial, was flooded.

"Of course, the playground is wet, but in a full atmosphere, we can get to the rain, but the drainage is right," said director of "Contebol", Fred Nantes, for Fox Sports.

Start again:

Suspension of the game on Saturday was decided less than two hours from the scheduled time for the match and when thousands of fans frozen and began to fill 53,000 places in the stadium with lush rain.

After retirement and offspring, this week they return to Bombonera, which will open their doors four hours before the initial whistle and where fan visitors can not go for security reasons.

All comes back to prepare for a "dream game", as defined by former coach of Argentina and coach of Leeds United of England, Marcelo Bielsa, after a delay that extended the suspension of the final, which will have its own rematch and definition at the stadium Monumental River 24. November.

"We have to stay focused," said attacker Carlos Tevez, who returns on Saturday with a team of blue and gold.

As for the purely sporty, the Boca de Guillermo Barros Schelotto shows the temperament of the middle of the midfielder Pablo Perez, the technical quality of the Colombian Vilmara Barrios and the goals of Ramon's Vanchope & # 39; Abila, Dario Benedetto and Cristian Pavon.

The strength of the DT River Marcelo Gallardo is based on the defense of Jonathan Maidana and Javier Pinole, the talent of Gonzalo Piti Martinez or Ekekuiel Palacios and the goals of the Colombian Rafael Santos Borreau or Lucas Pratto.

Bottle adds six Libertadores and seeks the seventh crown to equalize the Argentine Independence as well as the maximum winners of the title of the Continental Contest, while the river accumulates three. In the history, the auriazules that led 10 games won on the rivers.

Only twice as many as two Buenos Aires winners played the finals for official tournaments. In 1976, the Boca won the River National Championship with 1-0, and this year River won its historic rivals 2-0 and won the Local Super Cup.

It should be remembered that this will be the last round of the Copa Libertadores, as the regulations will change from the next edition, and Santiago de Chile will host a party that will define 2019.

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