Wednesday , October 5 2022

Breathing respiratory diseases and foot gum disease are major health problems in the Migrant Caravan


The possible outbreak of respiratory infections was recorded in a shelter installed in Mexico City, where a large part of the migrant caravan is located, so the Mexican health authorities are alert.

According to the employees of the Ministry of Health of the Mexican Republic and the Red Cross, respiratory diseases that were influenza and tuberculosis were detected, which resulted in the use of 290 vaccines. 108 medicines, 86 teeth, 771 medical consultations, 95 tetanus vaccines, 195 anti-influenza vaccines were approved within the framework of health services offered to Central American migrants. Two people with acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) were detected. ) and approved 141 envelopes of oral serum.

It was reported that among the cases that were present included acute respiratory infections, mycosis, conjunctivitis, and lacerations in the feet due to the long days of walking and the extreme climate that migrants were exposed to.

Migrants with AIDS have been discovered

Authorities have found that caravans have cases of tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza, and AIDS, but there are no drugs for people who suffer from this second condition.

The doctors informed Grupo Formula that four children were hospitalized for respiratory illness, and the latter was transferred to Iztacalco Children's Hospital due to lungs.

In order to avoid further infections, yesterday's staff from the Ministry of Health vaccinated the Central American anti-flu, but stressed that they lack retro-retard for people suffering from AIDS.

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