Saturday , February 27 2021

Bucaramanga Doctors Santander University Hospital Radiologists: HUS dismisses radiologists in the middle of a pandemic | Bucaramanga | current events

the 6 radiologists month experienced from’ Hospital, University of Santander, HUS they stayed without employment from one moment to the next, in the middle of the pandemic; even the health professionals they did not have access at the assistance centerl this Monday reported the affected in dialogue with Caragol Ràdio.

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Fabio Maurici Aguilera, One of the dismissed doctors reported that they were suspended linkage with the hospital in shape untimely. “We consider this to be a dismissal absolutely unjustifiedThe group of specialists they were contracted through a signature that provides staff at HOUSE. “In the beginning they were cooperatives and then trade unions“, Expressed the facultative.

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the doctor Aguilera recalled that in December, When he finished the contract they drastically changed them conditions. “We wanted to find one conciliation because in full pandemic we couldn’t give the luxury let us down the professional fees “, He stated.

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When that happened, the radiologists they looked for a way to talk to him manager Julian Nen. “It was not possible and instead we received a letter stating that we are no longer working with the institution and prevents us from access to the hospital, With a more delicate point and is that supposedly the people that we go to replace son mates who having known ours situation were lent for occupy these places“He added doctor Aguilera.

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the dismissed doctors they are in addition teachers from Faculty of Health from Industrial University of Santander, UIS that feel highly injured and treated in form indigna. So far the hospital does not emit any communication on the output of the radiologists.

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