Monday , September 26 2022

Cabal: "We want to be in the finals, we will work for it"


Colombians will meet in the semi-finals of the Masters tournament, the winner of the Nestor Knows Group, who are now led by Americans Mike Brian and Jack Sock.

Cabal celebrates the transition to the semifinals of the Masters Tournament. AFP

Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah enjoy Sunday's celebrations in London, with their classification for the semifinals of Nitto Finals ATP in their first participation in this tournament are reserved for the best of a year. Both want to share their compatriots at this moment and reserve energy for the last columns.

"Colombia, this is for you. Thank you for your support. We always feel it, either through networks or stadiums, and this support gives us additional motivation. There is no way to thank and hope that we will continue to enjoy, "said Cali, in a statement on the tournament's website.

"There is a group of families and friends who supported us closely at the stands. They enjoy in her as we do, it entertains me and it makes me happy to know that they enjoy suffering as we are"said the 32-year-old." Now we have to continue. We are already in the semifinals, the goal is fulfilled to pass the "round robin" (group of stages) and Now we want to be in the finals. We will do it. Friday is a free day, a day for the preparation of the semifinals, and wait to see who is playing. We have to focus on what is ours, "he adds.

Colombians will meet in the semi-finals with the winner of the Nestior Knovles Group. "Small details are those who differ, precisely those that we changed in relation to the second day (defeat against Murray / Soares), where we were not at the level of energy that we were today, I think at this level that's what we mean, we differentiate, we go out to give everything and if we beat us like we did not have anything else, "he said in the fourth game against Raven Klaasen-Michael Venus (RSA-NZL), 6-3 and 7-6.

"I think we were well controlled by the pressure," Sebas "worked well with 6-5 play-offs, "says Robert Farah." But during the game there was a chance for both teams. They broke up in the second, we came back and I think we played a very good tiebreaker. We were 6-2 and we are very pleased with the victory, "added a player born in Montreal 31 years ago.

"It's time to stay focused, without being too excited, it's just another match. We are in the semifinals, and this year we had other situations in which we achieved excellent results, and we all know it is to follow discipline, to do the right thing. We'll go out for dinner, enjoy our family and get ready, "Farah concludes.

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