Saturday , May 8 2021

Colombia: There are 1,000 job offers in these 11 companies

Free places are available in the main cities of the country, and in some positions no work experience is required. Most are urgent.

This explained the job search portal, which also noted that administrative, logistic and commercial costs were inevitable. warned that it is necessary to log in or have more information about the offer, it is necessary that the data be registered on the portal and only click on the offer. Below are available free places available:

Presto – Oma

More than 200 free workers

They opened a call to work in the season and for an indefinite period of time, they are available in the main cities of the country, and some do not require experience.

Macarena swims

An intermodal transport company is looking for staff in cities such as Bogota, Cali and Villavicencio for administrative, logistical and commercial positions.

Massive capital

More than 300 current jobs

A mass transportation company has offers for driver positions, isleros (gasolineros), mechanical engineering, among others. It is important to have the experience with the certificate in the position you are aiming for.

Pavirine stores

Shop of clothing, footwear and accessories is looking for staff in Boiaca and Casanare sections for customer, cashier and warehouse services.

Integrated Transport Company Bogota (Etib)

The company is looking for staff with experience in mechanics, mechatronics, customer service, rides and students of the SENA, with availability for work in the south of the city of Bogotá.

Met Life (insurer)

Requires staff for a commercial area with experience in intangible assets and studies in administrative areas. The labor supply offers excellent commissions.

Staff, temporary and counseling

More than 100 freelance workers (massive call)

Search homeowners on foot or bicycle with excellent address management and city knowledge. Performance functions.

Punto Merca (commercial company)

More than 180 offers

Free places are for sales in cities such as Medellin, Popaian, Cali and Bogota with experience in the food and / or retail sector.

Technological company

Look for developmental personnel and a commercial area with certified industry experience.

Your time period

300 urgent jobs

Personnel with experience in the field of logistics, administrative and production areas are required for the service contract service.

Furniture and accessories

The furniture manufacturing and retail company opened a call to Medellin, Bogotá, Barankili, Sincelia, Bucaramanga and its surroundings. They have free space for commercial, logistical and administrative positions.

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