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Colonel Elkin Argote was withdrawn from the Army


The official Elkin Argote was called to qualify for services. Three days ago Alias ​​"Gargola", head of the criminal organization La Constru, was arrested while moving in a car with Argote.

Colonel Argote was up until now General Staff of the Army Recruitment and Control Command.Blu Radio

Colonel Elkin Argote, the Army's task was to manage the recruitment area, was left without functions: the Army determined to withdraw not only from the office but also from the institution. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense this Sunday, three days after Miguel Antonio Bastidas, alias Gargoyle, It was captured in Soacha (Cundinamarca) while moving in a car with Colonel Argote.

:: Alias ​​"Gargola", the head of the Builder that would have been cast at JEP ::

Army spokespersons and defense minister, Guillermo Botero, confirmed that Argote was asked to return any item that was part of the military inventory, after knowing that Gargoyle took refuge in military garrisons while the Prosecutor's Office and the Police sought him for drug trafficking charges. According to it, Gargoyle and Colonel Argote are brother-in-law.

The authorities point to Miguel Antonio Bastidas of being the head of the Constru, a criminal organization that has focused on drug trafficking in Putumayo. La Constru, apparently, had links with the FARC front 48 after its appearance after the demobilization of the paramilitary Putumayo's South Front.

With La Constru also some Mexican posters like the one of Sinaloa are doing business, and according to investigators of Judicial Police, this organization the drug transactions have done with posters of Europe of the East. In 2015 he was captured by his brother Gargoyle, Hector Bastidas, known in the low world as beautiful.

Since then, the group was in the hands of his brother, alias Gargoyle, Who did the job of evading the authorities until last Thursday. They were detained in total 15 members of the Constru, among which the Prosecutor's Office included Henry Loaiza, alias the wormAn old cape from the North Valley sign that was in prison since 1995 and last year regained freedom.

the scorpion It was after the gates by the formation of illegal groups and by the massacre of Trujiilo, which between the 80s and 90s left more than 300 victims in this municipality of the Cauca Valley. When leaving prison, the researchers say, he joined the criminal world again. Now he and he both Gargoyle They will be investigated for homicide, forced displacement and drug trafficking.

If Colonel Argote will be criminally investigated or not, it is something that the Prosecutor's Office must define. He already has an internal disciplinary investigation against him, the Ministry of Defense confirmed and now he will have to defend himself from the outside, because in the Army he does not go any further.

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