Thursday , July 7 2022

Comultrasan cooperative was punished for deceptive information


The Superintendence of Industry and Trade (SIC) he found the credit union Santander Comultrasan violated special provisions regulate credit operations.

According to the controlling body, the financial establishment Incorrect information collecting the amount of consumption of the second of this lending to the consumer.

For this performance the fine for the cooperative amounted to 23,437,000 million pesos, which is equivalent to 30 statutory minimum wages in force.

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The investigation started after the client would have announced that he had received two loans with a cooperative for 1 million 800 thousand and 3 million 178 thousand, for financing education of their children.

However, the financial institution ignored the loan agreement and the consumer was charged different capital for each loan, which goes beyond almost 400 thousand pesos, the amount the client asked for.

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Control body too it sanctioned Mirador Group with 60 million pesos, for violation of the effectiveness of the guarantee before providing the service of a wedding organization.

It is shown in the processes the company did not fulfill its legal obligations established in the Consumer Statute, failing to comply with the conditions which were initially harmonized in the contract.

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