Tuesday , July 5 2022

Destination 2 did not meet the sales expectations of Activision


At a meeting with his investors, Activision admitted that he was not happy with the sale Destiny 2: Canceled, the latest expansion of the popular multiplayer shooting game developed by Bungie.

Destiny 2 he did not have the best reception when he was released in September 2017. His microtransaction system and the lack of content after the game caused him many negative reviews and made him quickly lose the players. Bungie improved the game and added plenty of content through patches and continuous extensions. Many agree with that Canceled, Destiny 2 It's better than ever. But this was not enough to attract a lot of new players or lead to the return of those who left the game.

At the aforementioned meeting, the head of the Activision operating system, Coddy Johnson, admitted that there are several franchised firms that are not selling by love. In the case of Destiny 2, they are looking for a way to re-attract the players who lost their way. The fact that this game is free between PS Plus games in September is already an indication that the sale is not big and that it is necessary to attract all new players possible for the launch of the game. Canceled.

Activision is unlikely to leave Destiny 2. They have played a major role in this game and will most likely start an aggressive promotion strategy. But they also have a different option to focus on compressing the current community through micro-transactions to satisfy investors. We hope you do not opt ​​for this, because although they can give them a good economic incentive, you can also end up killing the game.

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