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Duke 100 days

In Definitive

The first 100 days of President Ivan Dukija passed between polemics and acceptance. It still needs to get support in issues that are relevant to the economy and public order.

"We come here with the idea not to bring a marvelous magic wand, because there are no miracles, but to specifically announce the obligations that we want to materialize," President Dukue said in Mito on the second day of his government.

A similar metaphor used it on other occasions when he was a candidate. The Presidency was not easy to challenge with a country with 43% of public finances with financial fragility (problems coming from other governments), 171,000 hectares of coca grown in 2017 against the UN, uncertain progress in implementing the Agreement, active ELN and extending the gap .

For his critical criticism of sourdough, one was a candidate and a senator, and another duke who took office as president, who for now now urges him to raise 14 billion from the budget approved by Congress of the Republic of the Republic of 258, 9 trillion pesos.

Defining is threatening to affect at least 50 community programs such as School Food (PAE), Casa Vida, Vida Digna and post-conflict money.

"There are many challenges that we discover and many problems that require attention, but I do not intend to ask for applause for what I do popular (…) we do not come to the Presidency with a complacent attitude, but to take on the challenges and face them," he said yesterday . president in the presentation of the National Development Plan project.

His government had divergent positions with some of his most wanted companions and held a conciliatory tone.

In the first 100 days of rule there have been milestones such as an unsuccessful attempt to condemn the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carraskuilla, mobilization of university students and dissatisfaction between parties, trade unions and citizens, a project aimed at extending Value Added Tax (VAT) to 80% of products belonging to the basic basket.

Public opinion is not satisfied with the explanation that VAT will be reduced from 19% to 18% in 2019 and to 17% by 2020, that it will be compensated by at least 4 million poor families and that the basis is a proposal to raise at least 11, 3 trillion from 14, which would help cover social programs.

About the mobilizations from the last days she said: "It is difficult, in 100 days, to correct the historical debts that exist in the education system, but we have heard the skill of teachers, students and rectors, the political sector and ours, and for the year 2019, the higher investment budget the education sector had. We also committed ourselves to strengthening the public university. "

However, this did not produce the expected result, and teachers and students at the university continue to seek a budget for better education and return to the negotiating table, provided that it continues with mobilization.

Back in the regions

President Dukue, who does not usually read his speeches, spent more time in the regions than in Bogota. On the second day of his reign (August 8th) he traveled to San Andres and visited San Luis Hospital. He regretted his condition and promised equipment and direct administrative actions. That same week, the FAC medical aircraft began to work to transfer patients between the islands.

He also premiere at the Girardot (Cundinamarca) Workshop Construiendo Paisa, an indoor public space where he listened to citizens (an idea he implemented Alvaro Uribe during their Government) and those who leave a minute of commitment, with the schedule of compliance to which it follows.

Most ministers and senior government officials follow him, even coming the day before having direct contact with the territories. He conducted 18 security councils in municipalities with public policy issues, with the maximum that the General Supreme Commander was once again the supreme commander. In these areas, he examines soldiers and their leading security programs: "Who pays for it" and "Diamond Plan". However, security in the territories remains in debt, and illegal groups continue to affect communities such as those occurring in Norte de Santander, Antiokuia, Cauca, Choco and Narino.

This without neglecting the brutal affairs of the state, such as anti-corruption projects that took place before and after consultations, political and judicial reforms, the one who gives teeth supersalud, the depoliticist CAR, the one who reformes the national environment system or those that strengthen ICT, Inter alia.

At that time, she had $ 100,000 for the coffee sector, launched housing care programs and presented the first results of "Simple State, Agile Colombia," which has already eliminated 50 procedures, which will do so with 50 years later, and another 800 for 2019.

Ready for dialogue

Micropolitics plays an important role in the new administration. Political science defines it as citizens' participation in public affairs, either with their own opinion, voice or any other expression.

And Dukue has asked to involve various sectors in the structuring of state policy. Proof of this is the creation of a Technical Committee with the opposition, including the FARC, after consulting against corruption.

He also became the first president, in recent history, to meet with the Colombian Academy of Sciences, with taxis of pipelines, with rectors of public universities and with central workers to negotiate minimum reasons.

According to Nicolas Liendo, Dean of the Political School U. Sergio Arboleda, this is positive, because the country was very polarized. "The president is betting for the change that the Colombians sought in Consulta, and this is in line with new ways of conducting politics, without a jam and more proactive."

For Porfiri Cardona, dean of political science U. P. Bolivarians, the promises of economic recovery, employment, security and the development of investment in infrastructure have yet to be seen. "The country still has no clear direction, from a strategic point of view, Dukew says all its abilities to manage economies and investments, but does not create cohesion."

Your other bets

The president also presented a new School Feeding Program (PAE) and, in accordance with his discourse on respecting other powers, he was excluded from the General Controller's election.

He appeared in the liberation of the child Cristo Jose Contreras, published a war against human trafficking, signed a pact to protect social leaders, but could not confirm the alleged death called "Guacho". However, other leaders have fallen as alias 'David, the head of the dissident in Tumaco, and dozens of chiefs of organized armed groups have been captured, as a pseudonym' Indians ', also known as' Pigeon & # 39; and & # 39; Lightning & # 39; .

Although Dukue has sought the support of the international community for the implementation of the agreement and was firm in applying the law to those who do not respect the agreement, in various ways, he tried to change important points, including Ernesto Macias, President of the Congress and Senator of the Democratic Center, proposed to the constituentist to rephrase this point, inter alia.

Finally, in the reform of the judicial system, there were no proposals for the unification of the courts, although the influence of former President Uribe was unmistakable, he called people in his government who were not in favor of Uribe.

The facts left by IMPRONTA

The Cabinet is more technical than political
Of the 16 ministers, 5 are Uribistas, there is one liberal and one of conservative origins, while the other nine are technicians and have never been connected with electoral causes. This has provoked criticism from some of his party's sectors, but others expect a representation in regional scenarios. According to the president, he promised to rule without a "jam." This has created a new dynamic, which is obviously not subject to the bureaucratic representation of the parties. Because of that, there are weak majority in the Congress (CD + PC + U) and its legislative agenda, so far it is full of errors. The project of political reforms is slow, as is the project of justice.

Anticorruption program, at a slow pace
Despite the fact that the anti-corruption consultation held on August 26th did not reach the threshold, but received 11 million 645 votes, Duk invited opposition representatives to build a joint legislative program, although before that, he made several proposals in this regard. The Technical Committee presented 15 initiatives, with little progress. The reduction in the salaries of the congressmen and the boundaries of the period sank in the legislation. The government has been criticized for failing to send a message of urgency and so far only this progress so far: indecision of the crimes, employment specifications and the release of the profit and loss account, but if so required by the control subjects.

Decree on minimum dose
On October 1, he began to manage a presidential decree authorizing the police to confiscate every dose of drugs found on the streets. "There are hundreds of thousands of consumers in our country and growing. As president, I have to tell you that it's time to take pedagogy from family and school so that children grow by throwing drugs, and that must be the task of all of us," the president said. The decision led to the rejection and discussion of possible unconstitutionality to the risk of doing so, as the document leaves this criterion which can be used for abuse.

Dialogue with ELN, conditioned
On the day of his possession, on August 7, President Dukue set a 30-day period to evaluate the conditions of the dialogue with ELN, and then extend it for an indefinite period of time. He stressed that there will be no conversation, while the guerrilla group continues to attack attacks on infrastructure and until all hostages are released. ELN is far from this requirement, not only that people have kept their freedom, but also attacks on oil refineries and in the past days were the protagonists for the combustion of buses and trucks in Caesar. These actions, according to the president, give more chances to reactivate the negotiating table.

The government merges its dog
As a symbol that begins at home, President Dukew introduced last week a savings plan through the presidential directive 09 that seeks to save about 9 billion pesos in 2022 in the work of the government and its ministers. In 2019, a reduction of 1.2 trillion pesos is expected. From now on, there will be control and monitoring of all travel, subsistence, security, advertising, and event costs. This instruction is part of the policy of saving, efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the executive, the national order, that the principle of public spending economy prevails.

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