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Fernando del Paso, first-person writer


When the celebration began 80 years ago, Del Paso received an earlier gift with the Eccellence Award and Letters Jose Emilio Pacheco, who joined the Servantes Prize, considered the Nobel Prize for Literature in Spanish.

The writer suffered a series of cerebral infarcts, which made speech difficult for some time; but it did not stop him from giving a few words about himself, the importance he wrote for him and his eight decades of life.

"I did not do anything to live at the age of 80: I drank all my life, smoked 60 years, I practiced, especially with a fork: I can not assume any merit that justifies my longevity: More than a successful writer, I was a happy man ", he said.

Narrator, poet, essayist, author of children's literature and painter, one of his great passions, recognized the importance of writing in his life: "I can stop painting to write, but not stop writing for painting. I feel the need for a word more than color and drawing" he said.

"[El premio] This is one of the most important in Spanish, which is the language I write. I had a good career, which required very intensive research work, because in writing I like details in books such as News about the Empire I had to dive into history and documentation to see how they were dressed, what they ate, what was drunken, what were the wagons, that is, the customs of the second century, "he wrote in an interview.

"I see the country bad: there are many crimes, violence, kidnapping, feminicide, we are not doing well at all," Del Paso said at that time.

According to the jury's record, Fernando del Paso won the Cervantes prize for his "contribution to the development of a novel combining tradition and modernity, as Don Quixote did."

"His novels of full risk create fundamental episodes of the history of Mexico, which makes them fundamental. His work is part of the history of Latin American literature and its innovative character, both formally and substantively, unique and very representative for Mexico, where he is one of the most read authors. That's justice for the award that is being granted today, "he explained. The prize was awarded on April 23, 2015.


Del Paso won the Xavier Villaurrutia Award in 1966, the Romulo Gallegos Prize in 1982, the National Prize for Science and Art in 1991, the FIL Award for Literature 2007 and the Alfonso Reies International Prize in 2015; He was a member of the National College and the Mexican Academy of Languages, and received a doctorate. honoris cause by the University of Guadalajara.

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