Friday , October 7 2022

Fortnite | Chris Pratt provokes and overthrows all of South Korea in the funny way of commercial video games


To celebrate the appearance of video games Fortnite in "PC Bangs"(Korean high-budget equivalents of our Internet cabins), Epic Games he hired a popular actor Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, the Jurassic world) to promote the game with their image and unbelievable advertising.

The commercial offer begins with a text that says "There are things in this world that should not be included. (…) … as proud Korean players. ", Right after, Chris Pratt he somehow catches the Korean Internet with his incredible abilities as a Hollywood actor and provokes the whole country by calling them "Po-rini", Which is translated from Korean as a burlesque word "Fortnite" and "Child". Then, proud Koreans run to the nearest PC, Inspired by the actor's challenge.

Fortnite It is available free of charge PC, Xbox One, PlaiStation 4, Nintendo Swatch and phones with iOS and Android operating systems. The video game (as we know it) has already finished a year on the market and made a billion dollars of profit thanks to its microtransactions. A jump on popular culture has made it a phenomenon, in which scholarships are even offered thanks to their video game skills.

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