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Google has plans to end cookies navigation. The technology company had already mentioned last year its intention to end this model and presented a proposal with which it seeks this goal.

Cookies are nothing more than the record that each user has when browsing the Internet. In them quedan saved the activities we perform when we are connected, This has led to online advertising personalizing ads, based on our interests.

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Among the data collected by the cookies there are email addresses and passwords, which makes it easier for us to enter our networks without ever entering our data. Likewise, saves information from the pages we have visited.

Earlier, Google had stated that by 2022 it will no longer support cookies third parties in order to find an alternative that better guarantees the privacy of users when browsing.

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Google has indicated that several tests have already been performed with this mechanism and they maintain a 95 percent effectiveness in advertising.


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Therefore, the technology giant presented its proposal, the Floc, (Federated Learning of cohorts), to become the definitive replacement of the cookies. this alternative it works by giving the user a group of people, who have similar search and navigation interests.

With this, people’s actions are still tracked on web pages, but this information only stays inside the browser and this is what gives a category of interest to the person. Each group will be integrated with a minimum of one thousand users.

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Google has indicated that several tests have already been performed with this mechanism and maintains 95 percent effectiveness in advertising.

This new model is expected to begin to be integrated in the month of March gradually.

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