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He thought he had an allergy; It's brain drain


He thought he had an allergy; It's brain drain

The convicted person consulted several doctors, but he was always given wrong diagnoses.


One allergy That's a set of changes respiratory, nervous or eruptive nature occurring in immune system

Symptoms may affect the respiratory tract, nasal passages, skin and digestive system.

He thought it was a crisis for 30 years; He stayed for several days

Taking this into account, Greg Phillpotts, a man who lives in New York, thought he had a serious allergy from his nose for five years constantly drops.

Incredibly It's not a mucus or flight from cerebrospinal fluid.

I prepared the food that is in the kitchen and "which added it to the ingredients that destroyed the whole dinner," Phillopotts explained about the drops that always fell through his left nostril and which had a negative effect on him all the time, regardless He pointed out that he had to put his nipples on his nose to prevent continuous dripping.

According to local media, the affected person was consulted by several doctors, but they always gave it wrong diagnoses, from pneumonia to bronchitis.

In the end, after the symptoms worsened last February, he went to the doctor Alfred Iloreta, from the Mount Sinai Hospital, and after several analyzes, explained the reason for his discomfort, which could have caused meningitis The doctors practiced cranial surgery and solved their health problem.

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