Sunday , September 26 2021

How is the case of a man who police said was thrown from a fourth floor in Cali?

The situation arose in an apartment south of Cali, when the man mentioned and another met with two other people, according to the statement in Snail News by Colonel Edgar Vega, operational commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cali.

Police said the man jumped from a fourth floor into Cali

the officer notice that this person’s companion is his friend and he was also injured in the shoulder by a stab at the place where the events took place.

“People were inside an apartment negotiating a vehicle, it doesn’t come to fruition and that person decides to throw himself for his own reasons,” the commander assured.

Colonel Vega added that the person who was released was promptly taken to a health center after suffering multiple trauma and closed chest trauma.

The striking thing was that, despite the blow the man suffered from falling from a fourth floor, “he had immediate attention” and “is out of danger.”

The wounded in the stabbed shoulder received a cure in the apartment at 98th Street with 53rd Street, In the facts that were presented last Thursday.

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The officer indicated that the judicial police investigation seeks to establish fully the reasons for the meeting and how the assault and fall from the fourth floor happened.

The height from which the man was launched was about 12 meters in the sector of the Lili Valley, the newspaper Q’va haber Cali said.

According to information from the authorities on News Channel 1, they are in the search for the other two men present at this meeting.

The newspaper El País de Cali indicated that the man who was thrown from a fourth floor is 40 years old, while the victim with a knife is 30 years old.

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