Thursday , May 13 2021

In Bellu, the guards stopped working

The custody of Personeria de Bello, which ruled for the benefit of the trader, left the evacuation operation on the market last night, which began on Tuesday.

In addition, afternoon, the same judicial functions demanded that the mayor explain to the judge the reasons why he made the eviction decision and prohibited entry to the premises of traders and public forces.

In the morning, when traders seemed to leave the building, he arrived in person Alejandro Lema, with the decision on guardianship issued by the Second Civil Court for mercy in favor Gerardo Cadavid Arango, owner of bakery and corn wood, whose premises were protected in order to avoid being evicted.

The measure, temporary and protected only Cadavid, served at this point to stop the operation, which the police established with the support of the Esad (Riot Skuadron), in all rooms.

Lema Lema indicated that the act of violating the rights of traders was "because the legal proceedings were not respected and the order was not notified in advance". He added that no approval tablets were created to demonstrate compliance with the protocols for these cases.

While the signatures of some 200 affected merchants were collected to add them to custody, demanding that all these be removed, the Secretary of the Government, Adriana Salas Moreno, explained that the work was issued because the building had structural flaws and electrical installations, which imposed "the necessary closure of buildings for the protection of life, the building must be demolished," he said.

Trader Cadavid Arango, a 68-year-old tutor, said the market is the life for more than 2,000 people who can not go on the street without the direction that follows: "The market can not collapse, you must, you must, you must rebuild and adapt it" he insisted.

Viviana Moreno, owner of the butcher's shop where her father (now deceased) worked for 40 years, said that Mayor Bella wants to leave them without giving them another chance.

"They want to get out of here from scratch, with all that is necessary for positioning businesses and making buyers; we are legal, we pay taxes," he warned.

The government secretary, however, has convinced himself that there is a list of those who are affected to benefit.

"The municipality was thinking about moving the market again, but at the moment we are worried about security and we have a social intervention project with traders for possible economic compensation for their activities," he said.

Although the beach evacuation seems to be direct despite the protection, for a moment they stopped the operation. Mayor Bello must explain to the judge the reasons for the operation.

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