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In Huila, 4,899 women did not pass the exam for cytology


In Huila, 4,899 women did not pass the exam for cytology

Cytology and mammography should be practiced on time, an effective lifesaver mechanism

  • According to the latest figures from Medimasa EPS, about 143 Thousands of affiliated women have not yet had cytology and more than 110,000 users do not have their mammography in different regions of the country.
  • In Huila, 4,899 women did not undergo a cytological examination, and 6,473 did not undergo mammography.

Medimas EPS is progressing in its commitment to implementing a health model based on disease prevention and maintaining the health of its members, making it a special call to women, so that through tests such as cytology and mammography, they avoid complications in their well-being.

According to the latest Medimasa data, around 143,000 women have not yet had cytology, and more than 110,000 do not have mammography in different regions of the country, so remember that IPS First Level has this service for all affiliates.

In the case of Huila, the number increases to 4,899 women who have not yet passed cytology, and 6,473 users who do not have mammography.

Following this scenario, Luz Amanda Morales, Medimas EPS risk management manager, said that "The highest risk for women in Colombia is breast and uterine cancer, which means that when they take the exam on time, they participate in self-employment and are part of the early detection activities, one of which is taking vaginal cytology and mammography after 50 years, every two years free"

In this regard, Morales has made a special call to users who can use these mechanisms "I as a woman do not have to do exams just because I have a symptom or family history of cancer, but because it has to become a healthy habit I practice every year, I can not wait for my doctor to do it, but in the exercise with my health, I can access Primary IPS to apply for an exam"He said.

It is important to clarify that such early detection procedures do not have moderation fees and access to them, administrative procedures must not be processed.

Likewise, the risk manager of the insurer explains that "Users can access the primary IPS and will get the necessary guidance there to do it immediately or have an agile and suitable term for cytology. In the case of mammography, as a procedure conducted at a second level of protection outside of primary health care, the client seeks a medical order, which can be performed by a general practitioner."

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, all asymptomatic women must have an annual clinical examination of 40 and a mammogram every two years, 50 years old, covered by the Health Benefit Plan (PBS), an old POS. Exactly, the latest National Demographic and Health Survey conducted in 2015 has shown data indicating that only 62.5% of women between 50 and 60 years of age are treated.

On the other hand, according to the Colombian league for the fight against cancer, in the country more than 1,800 women die each year from cervical cancer, since this is the second cause of death in the female population in Colombia.

Medimas EPS reiterates its commitment to care and insurance of its subsidiaries and will continue to work to provide the services that each user requires in a reliable, humanized and efficient way.

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